5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Punching Your Tag This Fall

It’s mid-August. For thousands of hunters around the country, this is the best time of year.

Soon, generous fall seasons around the United States will open up and hunters young and old will gleefully greet the gray pre-Sun dawn on the way to the deer woods.

But not all of them will be heading back to the truck at the end of opening day with a deer in tow. These are some helpful tips to increase your chances this fall.

1. Scout!
This cannot be stressed enough and is the most important tip of all. You do not want to be heading out to your deer stand the morning of opening day without having been out in the woods over the days and weeks prior.

Get out there in the woods, now if you haven’t yet. Don’t make a lot of noise or lay down a ton of scent, but check for tracks, funnels, and vegetation that can change deer feeding and movement patterns.

Being aware of how the deer act and move on a daily basis is the number one factor that will impact your success in the stand.

2. Use a Trail Camera
Plenty of deer hunters don’t use trail cams, but those that do will unanimously tell you that they can help you pattern deer and other game.

Deer, like so many game animals (and humans, for that matter) are creatures of habit and routine. They often bed in the same locations, follow the same trails to water and food, and hit the same plots day after day.

Using a trail cam will help you better anticipate their movements and track individual deer, so you can draw on the trophy you want, and maybe even know which direction he’ll come from.

3. Carry a Call
In the early fall woods, sometimes the best thing you can do is just to be as quiet as humanly possible.

Still, some hunters prefer to carry a call – but in the early fall, you don’t want to be messing with a deep, big buck snort or rattling.

What you want is a fawn bleat. A bleat or two may send mama doe scurrying in to look for her lost baby – and guess who sometimes follows her?

4. Lay Down Deer Attractant
Deer attractants and lures, where legal, can turn the winds in your favor. Some attractants require no mixing and are irresistible to deer. Creating a salt lick with a mineral attractant or using deer scent can potentially lure deer in from leagues around.

We recommend liveoutdoorsports.com. They carry a wide range of the best deer attractants on the marketing as well as lures and calls at great prices. Hurry up and visit today – you only have a few weeks left at most to prepare.

5. Be Mindful of the Wind
Finally, be mindful of the wind – meaning, while you might not be able to change your stand’s location at the last minute, you can still change your angle of attack.

We’re not saying it’s impossible for a deer to approach you from downwind, but you should never gamble on those odds.

Position yourself in your stand so you’re ready to take an upwind shot – because that’s almost definitely where it’s going to come from, and you’re going to want to move as minimally as possible to hide your draw.

Hopefully, with these five tips, you’ll improve your odds of drawing on the first day – but be patient, sometimes the magic ingredient to a successful season is time.

Good luck and be safe.

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