8 Things You Should Always Bring with You for International Travel

Aside from the obvious necessities you’ll be bringing for international travel, like your passport and other government-issued ID, there are some things you should never leave home port without.

International travel can be rewarding and engaging, but it always pays to be prepared. That can help you avoid hangups once the plane lands. Be better prepared by making sure you always have the following with you when you’re planning for international travel.

1. Copies of all necessary paperwork and identification
That’s right, first on this list is a redundant backup. While it goes without saying that you should always keep your passport close at hand, along with other necessary official documents, our first essential international travel item is copies of those documents.

One is none and two is one. Always be prepared with copies of your passport, license, and other official documents.

2. A quality suitcase or travel bag
The second most important international travel item on our list is a high-quality suitcase or a travel bag.

Everything else you bring won’t be very useful to you if the bag you carry it in can’t hold up to the rigors of international travel.

Also, it pays to have a second, smaller day bag (also a durable one) when you’re traveling, so bring that along, too.

3. Necessary electronic devices (and an international travel adapter)
Always keep your phone, tablet, or laptop (if you bring the latter) close at hand. They can be lifelines in an emergency.

Also, and equally important, is that you bring along a travel adapter. While here in America (and the rest of North America) we’re used to Type A and B outlets, the rest of the world uses very different outlets. Either get a universal travel adapter or one specifically designed for the country to which you’ll be traveling.

A voltage converter is another must-have. Most of the world uses 220V service (as opposed to the 110V service of the United States).

4. Medications
If you need to take prescribed medications on a daily basis, make sure you bring more with you than you’ll need since you may not be able to get any on the trip.

Moreover, it’s helpful to bring along any other over-the-counter medications you might need, like allergy medication or OTC painkillers. Being prepared with these ahead of time can keep you comfortable and keep you from paying more overseas.

By the way, there’s not necessarily any need to bring the whole bottle – use a pill travel organizer to save weight and luggage space.

5. Cash and credit cards
Cash is king. Always keep a little extra on you, just in case, as a redundant failsafe if you have no other way to pay. Dollars are commonly used in many countries around the world. Besides, you can exchange them.

Also, don’t forget to bring your credit cards, too.

6. Extra clothing
Whatever you think you’ll need, bring at least one extra pair of each. Also, it doesn’t hurt to bring a sweater or a heavier layer. Even if you’re traveling to a tropical location, air conditioning can make it chilly indoors.

7. A reusable water bottle
When traveling internationally, you need to be discerning about where you get your food and drinks. Carrying a reusable water bottle will allow you to fill up only at places where you trust the water is safe to drink so you won’t spend your time overseas being sick.

8. A TSA-approved lock
Finally, bringing along a TSA-approved lock will help ensure that all of your personal belongings are more secure during transit.

Also, having a lock on you has other uses, too. You can use one to lock your bag when you leave your hotel room or to secure your bag to a chair or table while you’re out to help discourage theft.

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