4 Fashion Secrets of Styling with Genuine Furs

Whether you gravitate towards genuine fox fur, exquisite, lush chinchilla fur, or appreciate the variability in tone and color of mink fur, these are four secrets of styling with genuine fur we wish we knew sooner – and we’re sure you will too!

The Highlights Offer the Best Opportunities for Accessorization
The outer layer of any genuine fur – regardless of the species or color – is made up of longer, stiffer hairs called guard hairs. Under this lie the undercoat and the wool.

Frequently, the guard hairs of a pelt or coat are brilliantly shiny, even metallic. Guard hairs are often bright silver, gold, ruby or amber-colored, or even pearlescent.

These highlights offer you some of the most subtle – yet best – opportunities for accessorization.

That is, don’t match just the color of the coat itself. Pair up the highlights. If you have a black coat or a gray coat with a bit of silver glitter, accessorize with silver-toned sunglasses or jewelry.

If you have a white coat with pearly highlights, accessorize with pearls or white diamonds – you’ll positively shine.

No, You Don’t Need to Dress As Though Every Event Is a Black Tie Event
This is one of the biggest secrets of all. For some reason unbeknownst to the publisher of this article, some who buy genuine furs mistakenly believe they must be reserved for the most formal and dignified of all conceivable occasions.

Furs do make an impression, that is true. But it is not true that they must be relegated to such corners of fashion.

Indeed, it is the vision of the designer that makes the most impression. In recent years, intrepid fashionistas have arrayed fur with sweatpants, jeans, khakis, t-shirts, and even sneakers – to marvelous effect.

It is more avant-garde than haute-couture, but it works. And you should get in on it.

Furs Are for All Seasons
You may not want to wear your full-length mink-and-fox-fur coat fastened during the summer, but as an accent – why not.

Fur is naturally breathable and in fact, it is an excellent thermoregulator. Just be wise about it. If the mercury is on an incline, consider fur accents like shawls and mantles rather than a full-length coat and you will not only be comfortable, you will look your best, too.

This Is Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Fashion – The Biggest Secret of All
Finally, it is often overlooked that genuine furs are quite a sustainable resource that can be both recyclable and environmentally friendly. Unlike synthetics and polymers, they can be produced over and over again – perfect for a circular economy.

Moreover, furs can be upcycled, recycled, and they’re even biodegradable – though we have no idea why you would ever throw them away.

People tend to forget that furs, like wood, are “grown” and can be produced consciously and reliably. The methods used to produce them are often also “green.”

In other words – the world may someday run out of petrochemical resources and others made to manufacture synthetics. But men and women used furs thousands of years ago, and with responsible land use, will continue to farm them long into the distant future.

Whether you love rabbit fur or blue fox, black fox, or even red fox fur or silver fox fur, know that real is better than synthetic from an environmental standpoint.

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