Five Ways a Shopify Plus Developer Can Kickstart UX and SEO

Those eCommerce businesses that decide to migrate to Shopify or Shopify Plus will find that it is an amazing platform for eCommerce.

The Shopify platform, which is hosted, offers subscribers excellent site speeds, uptime, and security. Shopify also offers a high level of customer service, and the platform is compatible with a number of useful Shopify apps and themes.

The platform also makes it easy for some (though easier for others) to design and develop. The backend is simple to navigate and manipulate, making it easy to design, launch, and update a functional online store.

Still, not all of us are born coders, and if you’re weighing the costs of hiring a team of Shopify Plus developers, here are some built-in additional benefits on top of the obvious – that is, a few ways in which a development team can improve both UX and SEO at the same time for your eCommerce store.

Improving Site Speed Scores
Shopify Plus, being a hosted platform, manages its own data center. That means with your subscription, you’ll basically be guaranteed pretty fast site speeds.

However, improperly integrated applications, excess code, massive image sizes, embedded videos, and more can hamper page speed and site speed scores to a degree, even though the platform is hosted.

These features can be optimized for speed, which will benefit both the user experience and SEO.

Conversion-Rate Optimizing Landing Pages
Shopify Plus is a great platform, but when it comes to landing page and Shopify theme development, that’s an open-ended endeavor.

A page template can be excellent, but both a good and a bad page can be created on it, is what we’re trying to say.

Hiring an experienced Shopify partner with proven creative acumen can be a wise investment, especially if that Shopify designer has demonstrable success creating Shopify themes and designs that encourage conversions.

Removing Excess Code from Websites
Excess code can really weigh down a website. Not only can it “break” certain website features and functionality, but it can also slow down page speeds.

The worsts part is, to your average Shopify Plus merchant, it’s impossible to identify sloppy or excessive code. It’s all just Greek, to use the expression.

However, veteran Shopify Plus developers with experience writing custom scripts and codes will sniff out and snuff out wasteful code in a few shakes of a lamb’s tail. It’s what they do for a living.

Then, page speeds, and therefore, UX and SEO, will benefit.

Auditing Websites for Security and Implementing Changes
Hosted platforms like Shopify stores are also guaranteed a certain measure of security since the hosting provider manages that.

However, there are still issues that can arise at the website level and these fall under the purview of an experience Shopify Plus agency that provides development services.

Shopify developers can ensure that plugins are installed properly (along with payment gateways) and they may even be able to help you come up with more effective techniques for site security management.

Perform Seamless API Integrations
Finally, website applications that are not properly integrated may work partially or not really work at all. Not only is this bad for UX, but it can also be a red flag for both site speed and site security.

Worst of all, technical errors may cause a reduction in rankings if Google deems them significant. It’s best just to make sure that all of your critical apps are installed right the first time around.

Working with a Shopify Plus Developer
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