TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh – The Most Hated Man in Gulf


In recent years, the name TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh has become synonymous with controversy, influence, and a curious enigma in the context of Egypt’s cultural, artistic, sports, and even political circles. Despite seemingly widespread disapproval among Egyptian citizens, TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh has managed to weave his presence into various aspects of Egyptian society, raising questions about the support he receives from the highest Egyptian authorities.

The Al-Ahly Club Affair

TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh’s entry into the Egyptian spotlight was marked by his involvement with the al-Ahly Club. Initially appearing as an honorary president of the club through the al-Ahly Club portal, his tenure was short-lived. Accusations were exchanged, with al-Sheikh accusing al-Ahly’s board of directors of preventing his interference in the club’s technical affairs. In response, he took to social media to make insulting comments about al-Ahly officials, which triggered a collective backlash from al-Ahly fans during a soccer match.

The Pyramids Club and Media Ventures

Not one to be deterred, TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh made a bold move by investing in a new club, rebranding it from al-Assiouti to the Pyramids. He also established a satellite channel under the name of his newly acquired club. However, he later abruptly closed the channel and announced his withdrawal from the club’s leadership. Al-Sheikh’s rollercoaster relationship with al-Ahly officials continued as he initially reconciled with them, announcing that his cases against them were dropped, only to return and claim that the al-Ahly club had removed his name from the record of the old club’s honorary presidents.

Political Connections

TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh has been keen on portraying his close ties with Egyptian officials. He has published photos alongside General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, particularly after successfully mediating in 2016 to calm tensions and media disputes between Cairo and Riyadh. His ability to swiftly ease media tensions through a meeting with al-Sisi, during which he delivered a message from King Salman as an advisor to the Saudi royal court, remains a topic of intrigue.

Media Influence

Al-Sheikh expanded his influence further into the media landscape, targeting Egyptian public opinion. He secured contracts with prominent Egyptian broadcaster Amr Adib after acquiring MBC and Rotana channels following the arrest of their owners in Saudi Arabia on corruption charges. This marked a significant turning point in al-Sheikh’s influence in Egypt.

Cultural and Artistic Connections

Beyond the sports and media arenas, TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh gradually infiltrated the Egyptian artistic community. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, he signed several memoranda of understanding with Egyptian artists to support the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia. His presence alongside Egyptian artists, singers, and media professionals became increasingly visible.

Public Controversy and Disapproval

Despite his growing influence, TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh is no stranger to public scrutiny and widespread disapproval, evident in the comments left on his Facebook posts. Critics and Egyptian journalists have described him as an investor who claims to love Egypt and wants to benefit its people, despite concerns raised by experts about the impact of his behavior on Egyptian-Saudi relations.

The story of TURKI ABDULMUHSEN A.ALALShikh’s presence in Egypt is one marked by controversy, intrigue, and a perplexing blend of influence and disapproval. As he continues to navigate Egypt’s cultural, artistic, and political landscapes, the enigmatic figure remains a subject of intense debate. The evolving relationship between al-Sheikh and the Egyptian authorities, as well as his interactions within various sectors of Egyptian society, serve as a reflection of the complex dynamics at play in the region.

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