ReloShare and Safe Stays: Simplifying Corporate Housing and Revolutionizing Hotel

Revolutionizing Hotel

Bookings for Social Services

ReloShare, launched in May 2020, is a revolutionary platform created by Matt Singley (CEO)

and John Moats (CTO) with the aim of simplifying the B2B corporate housing booking process.

However, the journey of ReloShare took an unexpected turn when the COVID-19 pandemic

caused a surge in vacant corporate housing units due to the suspension of business travel. This

led Singley and Moats to explore alternative ways to address the issue and resulted in the birth

of Safe Stays, the first and only nationwide hotel booking website designed to meet the unique

challenges of the social services sector. In partnership with organizations such as The Network:

Advocating Against Domestic Violence, ReloShare and Safe Stays have become

game-changers in providing safe and anonymous emergency shelter options for survivors of


The Birth of ReloShare and Safe Stays

The inception of ReloShare and Safe Stays can be traced back to a news story highlighting the

shortage of accommodations for domestic violence victims. Matt Singley and John Moats were

deeply moved by this issue and sought to find a solution. Their connection with The Network:

Advocating Against Domestic Violence in Chicago led them to explore the potential of corporate

housing as immediate shelter options. Recognizing the need to expedite their efforts, ReloShare

formed a partnership with The Network and accelerated the development of their real-time

corporate housing booking platform. In less than two months, over 100 domestic violence

survivors were successfully housed through this collaboration.

Expanding the Vision

Realizing the immense potential of ReloShare’s technology and corporate housing inventory, a

second pilot project was conducted in California, led by Paige Allmendinger, then acting deputy

chief in the San Francisco district attorney’s office. Following this successful pilot, Allmendinger

joined ReloShare to help grow Safe Stays and expand it throughout the US. Leveraging the

infrastructure of ReloShare’s corporate housing portal, Safe Stays became the first and only

nationwide hotel booking platform specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced

by the social services sector. Safe Stays has become a go-to resource for approximately 500

social services agencies in the United States, offering over 18,000 hotels on its platform.

Streamlining the Hotel Booking Process

Safe Stays has revolutionized the hotel booking process for social service agencies by

addressing long standing barriers and simplifying the experience. By allowing agencies to book

accommodations anonymously, without the need for credit card or ID information, Safe Stays

prioritizes survivor confidentiality and safety. This streamlined approach ensures that crime

survivors can access safe emergency shelter options without unnecessary barriers or risks to

their well-being. Additionally, Safe Stays simplifies the booking process by offering monthly

consolidated billing, reducing administrative burdens for government agencies and nonprofits.

The platform also offers pre-confirmation of reservations by a dedicated 24/7 team, ensuring

smooth and trauma-informed check-ins for survivors.

Meeting the Unique Needs of Social Service Agencies

Safe Stays has become a trusted resource for social service agencies, addressing the diverse

needs of survivors of crime. The platform offers a wide range of safe emergency shelter options,

including accommodations suitable for LGBTQ+ community members, people with accessibility

needs, sexual assault survivors, domestic violence survivors, survivors with pets, and large

families. By partnering with brand-level hotels and negotiating streamlined agreements, Safe

Stays ensures that agencies have access to reliable and secure shelter options across the

nation. This innovative approach eliminates the challenges of finding appropriate emergency

shelter and empowers agencies to focus on their core mission of providing comprehensive

services to crime victims.

ReloShare and Safe Stays have emerged as pioneers in simplifying corporate housing and

revolutionizing hotel bookings for social service agencies. What started as a mission to address

the vacant corporate housing issue during the COVID-19 pandemic evolved into a

groundbreaking platform that provides safe and anonymous emergency shelter options for

survivors of crime. With their commitment to survivor confidentiality, streamlined processes, and

a wide network of hotels, ReloShare and Safe Stays have transformed the way social service

agencies secure accommodations. These platforms stand as shining examples of innovation

and compassion, ensuring that crime survivors receive the support and shelter they need to

rebuild their lives with dignity and safety.

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