OxyContin Addiction and Treatment

OxyContin is a prescribed medication prescribed for chronic or severe pain. Due to its ingredients and properties it can be extremely addicting. A lot of people are addicted to the drug, and it could affect every aspect that they live. It is important to know the legitimate use of this substance, what could lead to addiction and how addiction can be dealt with.

What is OxyContin and Why is It Prescribed?

OxyContin is the actual trademark name of a drug which contains oxycodone as the active ingredient. It is a drug designed to alleviate pain an opioid analgesic that is commonly used to treat everything from arthritis to cancer. It’s similar to morphine and used in a variety of drugs along alongside other drugs. For instance, Percocet is a mix of acetaminophen and the oxycodone. Percodan is a mix of oxycodone and aspirin.

One of the main features of OxyContin that have been a huge hit is its time-release formula which can give up to 12 hours of pain relief for those suffering from chronic pain. The drug has between 10 and milligrams of oxycodone per dose. OxyContin has proved beneficial to many patients suffering from chronic pain that require medication throughout the day. Instead of taking medication every 4 hours, they can take advantage of 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep without having to take an additional pain medication.

Due to the time release formula that OxyContin has, it’s generally suitable for people seeking pain relief. If taken according to the prescription it releases the medication into the system only a tiny amount at one time. It does not cause the feeling of euphoria that’s commonly connected with addiction.

Why OxyContin is Abused

Many people take the medication without issues. However, it comes with an increased chance of becoming addicted if used as directed and under the supervision of a medical professional. If buying oxycontin online is used to treat addiction and the person is taking more frequently than prescribed. The body starts to get used to it and cannot perform without it. Anyone with a past of addiction and abuse tends to be suffering from addiction to OxyContin.

If it is broken it releases the entire drug at once, instead of being the form of a time-release formulation. Anyone who is using OxyContin will experience the full effects instantly, resulting in a high that is intense, similar to that experienced by heroin. It can be snorted if the pill is broken or taken in a swallow. It may also be added to liquids and injected for a more rapid reaction.

OxyContin is available on the streets with various names, including the following:

Hillbilly Heroin




While Oxycodone, a prescription drug, has been extensively abused over the years but the issue grew more severe after the introduction of OxyContin in the year 1996. Although some users are those who took more medicine than was prescribed, the majority of users are teenagers who begin with prescription medication to get high before moving onto illicit drugs. They might steal it from friends and family who are legally prescribed or receive it by someone they know at a gathering.

A study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 2015 revealed that at least 3.7 percent of teenagers in 12th grade have used OxyContin without prescription. A lot of them begin as casual users at parties or with their buddies. They aren’t aware of the dangers of addiction until it’s too late.

Recently, the manufacturer of OxyContin altered the formula in order to stop crushing it in order to satisfy government regulations. Although this might stop some from using OxyContin, this won’t stop it from happening completely. It is possible to take several pills in order to feel exactly the same “high” as they did when they crushed the drug.

OxyContin and Heroin

Another danger associated with the use of OxyContin is that it can lead to heroin addiction and use. Since the two substances are akin, an individual could turn to heroin when they are unable to obtain prescription drug, or if it’s no longer working.

Dealers who sell OxyContin available for sale on the street could also contain heroin that they are encouraging users to try because they know it can be more addicting. It’s also less expensive so it’s easier to access. But, young professionals and people with more incomes could turn to heroin if they stop taking OxyContin. Since heroin is frequently mixed with other chemical substances and substances, it could be hazardous and can cause overdoses as well as other health issues.

Signs of OxyContin Addiction

The signs of the signs of addiction to OxyContin are similar to other medications that are illegal and prescription-only. The user will use the drug more frequently and in higher doses since the dose that was originally taken doesn’t have the same result. Other indicators of addiction to OxyContin are:

Someone would prefer to consume the drugs than do anything else

The user is able to stop other activities to be high for a while.

The user purchases greater amounts of drug in order to prevent withdrawal

The person is lying about their the use of drugs

The user may forget certain activities or events because they are drunk or blacked out by the use of drugs.

Furthermore, the person’s behavior can change. They might be prone to mood swings and violent tempers. They may also experience becoming manic and active for a time, that is followed by fatigue and a lack of energy. They often irritate family members or friends and start having a social gathering with friends who are also taking.

The person who is in trouble typically steals money from friends they know, or objects that they sell to finance their addiction. They also undergo physical changes, where they shed weight, no longer care about their appearance, and suffer from trouble speaking and shaking.

Side Effects of OxyContin Abuse

Users of OxyContin can have severe physical negative consequences. The risk of overdose is very high due to the fact that buy oxycontin online isn’t to be as hazardous as it is, and the users usually think they can take the dose. One of the biggest issues is the higher danger of dying from the large dose of OxyContin. Other side effects include: following:

Hives or rashes

The chest is tight

Feeling lightheaded or dizzy



Chills and sweats, cold

The swelling can be seen in the face or the neck


Changes in heart rate

Slowed breathing or difficulty breathing

Shakeiness in feet, hands or the extremities

If you notice the symptoms listed above, it’s crucial that they seek out medical help as soon as possible.

Removing from OxyContin

If a person is unable to obtain more doses of the drug or they start going through detoxification, they’re likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. They can be very long and severe, based on the amount of substance was used and how frequently.

In the first 8 hours following the last dose, a patient may be prone to craving more. There is a possibility of extreme mood swings ranging from depression to anxiety. They might also experience mild dysphoria.

Following the initial phase it is normal for the patient to feel ill for up to 24 hrs. In this period there is a possibility of stomach cramps, a rinsing nose and eyes that are watery. They may sweat heavily and experience a feeling of being uneasy. They often are unable to fall asleep.

The third stage can take several days. In this stage, patients might experience chills and fever and muscle spasms. They may feel sick or have a bowel movement. They might experience diarrhea as well as an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Although withdrawal symptoms aren’t typically life-threatening, they are often a trigger to relapse unless a person goes to a rehab center. If someone has other medical conditions, complications of withdrawal can be severe, and could even be fatal. This is one reason why it’s not advised to withdraw from Oxycontin by itself.

Treatment for OxyContin Abuse and Addiction

After the patient has completed detox, they’ll begin treatment for addiction to OxyContin. It could happen in a rehab center for inpatients or as an outpatient. For those suffering from serious dependency, residential rehab programs offer additional assistance.

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