Which is The Best Hospital for Knee Surgery in India

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a medical operation to cure a damaged or partially damaged knee. It sometimes becomes the only option for patients suffering from arthritis, when medications do not work and their knee becomes stiff and painful. In this procedure, the damaged parts of the knee are replaced with artificial parts known as prostheses.

Prosthesis are made of heavy and durable materials such as alloys, high-grade plastic, and polymers. It is an effective and safe procedure hence it is gaining popularity and helping people to relive their life. If you are looking for the best hospital for knee replacement surgery in India you have reached the right article.

I conducted very deep research before writing this blog article. Because someone in my family suffers from arthritis, it became very important and personal for me to identify India’s best knee surgery hospital.

Here is the list of the top 5 hospitals for knee surgery in India:

1. AIIMS, New Delhi

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, also known as AIIMS Delhi, is a public medical research university and hospital that operates under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India. Many people don’t know that it is a government hospital, not a private hospital. It has many branches in almost all states of India.

AIIMS Delhi is one of the best government hospitals in India. This hospital has many health departments and specialists for every disease, and orthopedics is one of them. The hospital has the best orthopedic surgeon in Delhi NCR, who gives patients world-class care. If you compare it with other government and private hospitals, it has the best infrastructure and cutting-edge medical technologies.

2. Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai

Wockhardt Hospitals is situated in south Mumbai. It is Asia’s first hospital with wireless ECG management systems, a paperless intensive care unit, and GPS-enabled ambulances. Furthermore, the hospital is the first of its kind to include an ICCA, a system that allows the hospital staff to access patient data from any location.

When it comes to bone and joint care, Wockhardt Hospital ensures that you get the best. They have first-class medical facilities to match cutting-edge infrastructure, contemporary medical devices, and technology for excellent success rates.

Their nurses and other medical personnel are well-trained and certified professionals who always use a patient-centered approach. Their major goal has always been to give the best orthopedic care in India.

There are three medical institutes in the hospital, which are as follows:

  • Wockhardt Heart Institute (WHI)
  • The Wockhardt Institute for Critical Care
  • The Wockhardt Institute for Stroke Research

3. Max Hospital, Delhi

Delhi’s Max Hospital, Situated in Saket is one of the most high-tech hospitals in India for orthopedic treatment. It provides complete orthopedic treatments for knee, hip, shoulder, and other joint-related problems. It is a well-known hospital for computer-assisted joint replacement surgery. Not just in Delhi. Max has many branches of hospitals all over India.

It is recognized by NABH and NABL for being a super facility hospital in India. Apart from Orthopedics, it specializes in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Endocrinology, Neurosciences etc.

4. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Columbia Asia Hospital is an international chain of hospitals. It has multiple modern hospitals across the world. Manipal Hospital has a team of highly skilled doctors and nurses with years of experience in providing its patients with superior medical treatment. To guarantee that all patients receive the level of care they deserve and that the highest standards of excellence are maintained.

Manipal Hospital has a team of experts who have vast experience treating orthopedic issues, assuring the best possible care for patients, and making healthcare more accessible.

Orthopedics of Manipal Hospital is about more than simply your bones It is primarily focused on the human musculoskeletal system that includes sports injuries, trauma, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, degenerative issues, and others.

Manipal Hospitals Jayanagar has a strong team of orthopedics and orthopedic surgeons who are ready to tackle the most difficult bone and spine-related illnesses and conditions and get you back on your feet faster.

5. Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Apollo Hospital, Chennai was established in 1983. It is India’s first hospital to offer coronary angioplasty, stereotactic radiotherapy, and radiosurgery (for brain tumors). Heart, Cancer, Bones, Joints and spine, Organ Transplants, Neurology, Gastro and colorectal, Bariatric Surgery, Gynecology and infertility, and Ophthalmology are some of Apollo Hospital’s major specializations.

It was ranked first and second in the Times Health All India Multispecialty Hospital Survey 2016. The hospital has 60 departments led by internationally trained and skilled medical professionals. Every day, doctors and staff do 800 CT scans, 400 MRIs, 40 cardiac surgeries, 700 dialysis sessions, and 3-4 organ transplants.

Orthopedic of Apollo Hospitals is widely considered one of the best and most prestigious. The hospital provides the most advanced orthopedic treatments and surgeries in India. Apollo is one of the top hospitals in the world.


These are the best hospitals you can choose for knee replacement surgery, whether it is for you or your loved ones. These hospitals conduct safe and painless surgery. The experience of the doctor and the technology available for the treatment matter a lot. In these hospitals, you don’t have to worry about that.

I would advise you to do your own research before finalizing a hospital, so you can find the best one for you. These are just my recommendations based on my internet research. It is important to know about the doctor who will perform the surgery. Please check everything properly before finalizing a doctor or a hospital.

It’s true that knee replacement surgery cost in Delhi is less compared to other hospitals available in India. You should understand that the cost of knee surgery depends on many factors, like the age of the patient, the type of surgery, like partial knee or total knee, hospital location, and experience of the surgeon, etc.