Which Tea Manufacturer Is Best? Brought Leaf or Tea Gardens?

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When choosing tea manufacturers in India for your tea business, you have two options, either go for a brought leaf factory or go for a tea garden factory, also known as set leaf factory. Both options come with their own set of benefits that can help you grow your tea business. But out of both, which option will work the best for you? Let’s explore in this post.

Tea Quality 

Both brought leaf and tea garden factories have teas of high quality. But when it comes to comparing the tea quality of these two options, tea garden factories have the best quality. This is because they are the first point of manufacturing of tea leaves that are directly plucked from the tea gardens during plucking seasons. 

On the other hand, brought leaf factories procure tea from tea gardens and process them as per their client order requirements. So, when it comes to quality, the tea that brought leaf factories procure may not be of the freshest batches as compared to the tea plucked and processed in the tea garden itself.

Many brand tea manufacturers, such as Naturolled Tea, ensure that only the freshest batches of tea are used in their tea products. This approach helps preserve the natural taste and aroma of teas of all varieties. 

Tea Price

When it comes to tea price, tea garden factories again take the lead. The reason? As mentioned earlier, tea garden factories are the primary point of processing of teas that come directly from the tea gardens of tea estates. Therefore, they have the lowest prices at factory rates, similar to how things work in other manufacturing sectors, especially in the FMCG domain.

However, there is a catch. Although tea garden factories have low factory rates for even high-quality teas, they are not available for single purchase of small quantities. Tea garden factories are usually only open to large-scale bulk orders which may not be feasible for small tea businesses. And that’s where brought leaf factories and the associated traders come into the picture. 

Brought leaf factories and Siliguri tea companies do not have bulk order requirements as high as tea garden factories. They are therefore suitable for tea businesses, such as new tea brands and shops for ordering mid-volume bulk orders of quantities such as 500 kgs, 1000 kgs, etc.

Tea Varieties 

Both brought leaf factories and tea garden factories have a lot of tea varieties, such as various grades of CTC tea, green tea, orthodox tea, etc. However, when it comes to choosing one opinion between the two, the practical choice is brought leaf factory. 

This is because brought leaf factories have tie-ups with multiple tea gardens whereas tea garden factories process tea of only its specific tea estate. Partnerships with multiple tea gardens enable brought leaf factories to have a large number of tea varieties in their portfolio.  

Tea Supply Consistency 

It can become challenging to choose between brought leaf factories and tea garden factories when it comes to consistency in all-year tea supply. Both types of tea factories have enough stock to meet the bulk order requirements of tea businesses.

However, bruoght leaf factories would be a better option in this category as their primary business model is to keep high-volume stocks of teas to meet their clients high-volume bulk order requirements during off-seasons. On the other hand, tea garden factories usually clear their stock in order to prepare for the next flush/plucking season.

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