Skip Bayless’ Twitter Account Was Hacked, And The Worst Part Is… He Didn’t Even Notice

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for communication, and for Skip Bayless, it’s also been a platform for mockery and insult. Known for his controversial take on sports, Bayless has built a large following on Twitter by insulting others and being generally critical of everything and everyone. But this week, his Twitter account was hacked and some of the most appalling things were posted in his name. Among other things, Bayless’ followers were asked to vote on whether they wanted to see Adolf Hitler as the new president of Germany, and they also saw messages calling black people “savages” and “cannibals.” Bayless didn’t even realize his account had been hacked until he saw the offending tweets himself. In a series of tweets, he denounced the hackers and said that he will do everything in his power to hold them responsible. Skip Bayless’ Twitter account was hacked this week and some terrible things were posted in his name. Click the link below to read more about what went down and how you can help fight back against cruelty in the world.

Skip Bayless’ Twitter Account Was Hacked

On Thursday morning, Skip Bayless’ Twitter account was hacked, and the worst part is… he didn’t even notice. The verified account @SKIP_BAYLES was replaced with a message that read “You are pathetic, your ratings are garbage. You will never be famous.” The tweets continued for hours with some very graphic content.

Bayless responded to many of his followers telling them that his account had been hacked, but he did not mention the explicit nature of the messages. He later deleted all of his tweets from the hack and posted a statement on his website saying that he is “deeply troubled by this inexcusable act” and will “take appropriate measures to ensure such an incident does not happen again.”

This is a troubling development for Bayless who has recently been in hot water over comments he’s made about women in sports. In February, Bayless attacked Olympic ice skater Laurie Hernandez on ESPN’s First Take after she took home silver medals in the team event at the PyeongChang Games. Bayless called her “stupid” and said that she deserved to come back to America “with her tail between her legs.” ESPN released a statement calling his comments “unacceptable” and suspended him for one week.

The Worst Part Is… He Didn’t Even Notice

Skip Bayless’ Twitter account was hacked on Thursday, and the worst part is… he didn’t even notice. The Houston Chronicle’s sports columnist had his Twitter account hijacked by someone who replaced all of Bayless’ tweets with a series of profanity-laden tweets directed at ESPN personalities Jemele Hill and Colin Cowherd. In one tweet, the hacker wrote: “@ESPN @JemeleHill You need to be fired for your comments about Trump. Your career is over.” This isn’t the first time that Bayless has been the victim of cybercrime. In September, his Fox Sports radio show was hacked and his personal information was released online.

Skip Bayless Responds To The Hack

On Wednesday, Skip Bayless’ Twitter account was hacked. Within minutes, some truly horrifying tweets were sent out under his name, including some that made fun of the victims of the death of NBA player Dwyane Wade’s son. The worst part? Bayless wasn’t even aware that his account had been compromised until he saw the tweets later that night. “I got hacked last night and find out about it in the morning when I see these awful tweets,” he tweeted. “Sad day.” Bayless has since deleted all of the offending tweets and issued an apology for them. Thankfully, no personal information was revealed in the hack and Bayless is not currently in any danger.


Skip Bayless’ Twitter account was hacked and the worst part is, he didn’t even notice. Bayless is known for his scathing takes on food and restaurants, so it comes as no surprise that his account was targeted. His tweets were filled with lewd comments and pics of him drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, which if taken at face value could be considered offensive. However, many believe that Bayless’ twitter account was simply hacked and that the content wasn’t actually meant to be seen by the public. Regardless of whether or not this was an intentional hack, Bayless’ followers were understandably upset by the inappropriate content displayed on his feed.

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