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oslo based Clever 500 Lunden is a young, innovative and fast-growing startup with the ambition to change the way people live and work. The company’s products are designed to make life easier, faster and more efficient. Clever 500 Lunden was founded in Oslo in 2013 by CEO Jonas Sundby and CTO Cato Andreassen. The company has since raised $2 million in funding from Norra Stiftelsen, Earlybird, Agile Ventures and others. In this blog post, we highlight some of the most interesting things happening at Clever 500 Lunden. From product launches and expansions to fascinating partnerships, read on to learn more about what this up-and-coming startup is all about.

Oslo based 500 lunden techcrunch is one of the best Norwegian startups

Oslo based 500 lunden techcrunch is one of the best Norwegian startups. 500 Lunden has been a driving force behind Oslo’s startup community, and their blog provides a comprehensive overview of Norwegian startups.

Their coverage spans from Seed to Series A rounds, with in-depth interviews with some of Norway’s top startups. They also have a section on Oslo’s startup ecosystem, highlighting important Meetups and events.

If you’re looking for up-to-date news and insights on Norway’s startup scene, 500 Lunden is definitely worth checking out!

500 lunden is a tech startup accelerator in Oslo

Lunden is a tech startup accelerator in Oslo. It was founded in 2013 by three entrepreneurs who wanted to create a place where startups could get connected and help them grow. Lunden provides access to office space, mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities.

The goal of 500 lunden is to help startups grow and scale

500 Lunden is a startup accelerator and funding program with the ambition of helping startups grow and scale. 500 Lunden was created in 2014 by Startup Norway, the national cluster organisation for entrepreneurship and innovation, in cooperation with Innovasjon Norge, the Norwegian Science and Technology Agency. 500 Lunden is housed at SEAS – the startup accelerator and ecosystem builder located in Oslo’s tech district.

The program offers three types of funding: seed funding (up to Nor million), growth financing (up to Nor million) and expansion financing (up to Nor million). The goal of 500 lunden is to help startups become self-sustainable, so they can continue to grow and scale even after receiving investment from 500 lunden.

500 lunden provides access to mentorship, office space, and resources

Lunden provides access to mentorship, office space, and resources for startups. They offer flexible hours, a collaborative environment, and equipment for use in development. In addition to their amenities, Lunden also offers access to events and meetings with investors and other entrepreneurs.

The program has so far helped 75 startups grow and scale

Clever Lunden is a startup accelerator and seed fund based in Oslo, Norway. It has so far helped 75 startups grow and scale.

The accelerator program offers an opportunity to startup companies to work with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners. The program also offers access to resources such as office space, mentorship, and funding.

Since its inception in 2012, Clever Lunden has helped startups secure investments from notable Norwegian investors such as Y Combinator (USA), Seed Capital (Norway), Investorama (Sweden), and Norwest Venture Partners (Denmark).

In addition to providing support and resources to the startups, Clever Lunden also organizes events such as Startup Weekend Oslo which brings together entrepreneurs from around the world to develop new business ideas.

If you are a tech startup looking for investment or want to expand to international markets,

1. Oslo based Clever Lunden is a tech startup that has been working to address the challenges of international expansion. They have developed a platform that helps startups find investors and partners in new markets, as well as offering support and advice on how to best go about it.

2. With their recent investment from venture capital fund NORWEGIAN TECH INVEST, Clever Lunden is looking to continue expanding its reach and help even more startups achieve success in new markets.

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