squid game song lyrics

Do you remember the classic 90s computer game, ‘Squid’? It was a simple but addictive game where you had to collect gems and avoid being eaten by giant sea monsters. But what few people know is that the game actually had its own song, which is still remembered fondly by fans of the game today. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the Squid game song lyrics, as well as their interesting backstory and how they fit into the game itself. So if you’re looking for an interesting trip down memory lane and some classic 90s nostalgia, read on!

Squid game

The Squid game is a popular party game that is often played at bars and clubs. The basic premise of the game is to collect as many squids as possible in a bucket or other container. The player who collects the most squids wins the game.

There are a few variations of the squid game, but the most popular version is to use live squids. The squids are placed in a large container filled with water. Players take turns diving into the container and collecting as many squids as they can. The player who collects the most squids in one dive wins the game.

If you’ve never played the squid game before, it might seem like a silly party game. But trust us, it’s a lot of fun – especially when you’re trying to avoid getting slimed by those slippery little creatures!

Song lyrics

“Squid game song lyrics” is a subheading of the blog article “The Squid Game”. The content in this section gives an overview of the song lyrics for the squid game, as well as some tips on how to interpret them.

The squid game is a popular children’s game that originated in Japan. The objective of the game is to catch as many squids as possible in a net. The player who catches the most squids wins.

The squid game song lyrics are relatively simple and straightforward. They are mostly comprised of commands such as “catch the squid” or “throw the net”. However, there is one line in particular that has caused some confusion among players. The lyric “bake him in a pie” is often misinterpreted as a command to kill the squid. In reality, this line simply means to cook the squid before eating it.


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Squid Game Lyrics

In the squid game, you are the squid

And you must squirt your ink to win

You must be quick and you must be brave

And you must never give in

Ink is your life and your weapon

Use it well and you will succeed

But beware of the octopus

He is fast and he is mean

The octopus is your enemy

He wants to take your ink away

But you will not let him win

You will fight and you will stay alive

Squid game, squid game, ink is your life

Squid game, squid game, never give in


The Squid Game song has become a popular hit among fans of the game and for good reason. Not only does it have catchy lyrics, but its music video is also very entertaining to watch. The fact that this song was created for the purpose of promoting the game shows how much effort went into making sure this game became known worldwide. With its clever wordplay, interesting visuals and undeniable catchiness, it’s no wonder why the Squid Game song is such a hit!

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