Song by Jessica Darrow lyrics surface pressure

Jessica Darrow is an up-and-coming singer with a unique sound that has swept her fans off their feet. Her latest single, “Surface Pressure,” is a melancholic yet empowering anthem that draws on the struggles of being in the spotlight and keeping it all together while facing the pressures of society. The song’s lyrics are both relatable and inspiring, making it a must-listen for anyone in need of a little uplifting. Read on to explore the powerful lyrics of Jessica Darrow’s “Surface Pressure” and find out why it’s quickly becoming one of her most popular songs.

Jessica Darrow is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California

Jessica Darrow is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She began her musical journey at the age of four, when she started piano lessons. Throughout her childhood Jessica continued to study music and play various instruments including the guitar, cello, and drums. In high school she fronted an all-female punk band called “The Unusual Suspects”. After high school Jessica decided to pursue a career in music and attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA.

After college Jessica toured with various bands as a drummer and guitarist before striking out on her own as a solo artist. In 2010 she released her debut album “Matter of Time”, which was followed by her second album “Circles” in 2012. Jessica has been featured on television shows such as “90210” and “CSI: Miami”, and her song “Superman” was used in a national campaign for Ford Motor Company.

Most recently, Jessica has been working on her third studio album which is set to be released in 2016. She continues to gig regularly around the Los Angeles area, and is also a member of the band Off the cuff – an all-female cover band that performs hits from the 80s and 90s.

The lyrics of the song are relatable and provide comfort to those who feel like they’re struggling

The lyrics of the song are relatable and provide comfort to those who feel like they’re struggling. The first verse starts with the line “I know you’re feeling pressure, I feel it too,” which is a relatable sentiment for many people. The rest of the verse goes on to talk about how the singer is struggling with similar problems as the person listening to the song, and how they understand what it feels like. The chorus of the song provides a message of hope and comfort, with the lyrics “But we’ll get through it, we’ll be alright.” This is a reassuring message for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or struggling in their life.

The song is available on Jessica’s website and YouTube channel

The song is available on Jessica’s website and YouTube channel. The lyrics to the song are as follows:

“We’re all under the same sky

But we’re living in different worlds

We’re all under the same sun

But we’re feeling different things

I know it’s hard to see past the pain

But there’s beauty in everything

Even when it’s raining”


Jessica Darrow’s song, Surface Pressure, is an inspiring and moving piece of art. Its lyrics perfectly capture the emotions associated with being a young adult in today’s society and trying to make sense of it all. The song evokes feelings of hope for the future despite all the pressures that life throws our way. Jessica has found a perfect balance between poetic beauty and raw emotion, making her music timelessly relevant to anyone who listens.

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