Why You Should Treat Yourself or a Loved One to an Agate Bracelet

Classified as a common rock formation composed of chalcedony and quartz, agate is an attractive mineral that has been used for ornamental purposes since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Its appeal continues to endure today, with many jewelry brands and designers making use of agate’s distinctive look to add color and personality to their creations.

It is also popular in crystal healing, and highly valued by enthusiasts for its purported metaphysical properties. Here’s why you may want to consider looking into an agate bracelet for yourself or someone you love:

All about the agate
Agate is a crystal that comes in an incredibly wide variety of shades, including blue, black, brown, pink, purple, red, and more. Agate stones often have a silky, swirling banding pattern on their surfaces that give them a liquid appearance. No two stones are alike, adding to their appeal.

The name “agate” refers to the Ancient Greek name for the Dirillo River in Sicily, Ἀχάτης (Achates), where the crystal was first discovered. It was extensively used in hardstone carving during ancient times, having been utilized in the making of various ornamental objects such as jewelry, inkstands, seals, and so on. Back then, it was believed to possess the power to ward off evil spirits and heal severe injuries, such as snake bites and scorpion stings.

Today, agate is still widely used to create beads for agate bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, cabochons, and carvings. With its rating of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, ability to retain a high polish, and natural resistance to chemical attack, agate is also widely used in a variety of industrial applications.

In crystal healing, enthusiasts believe agate to be a stone that represents grounding and healing. It is said to give off a comforting energy; looking upon it can have a soothing effect. These qualities make it the perfect choice for someone who may be struggling with their emotions, or suffering from anxiety and/or depression.

Being a grounding stone it also tempers flights of fancy. Agate is said to possess the ability to keep its wearer’s feet firmly on the ground and remain clear-headed and realistic.

Treat yourself to a beautiful agate bracelet from By Fabrizio Design
Fabrizio Sassano celebrates the agate with beautiful and unique jewelry designs inspired by his multicultural heritage. Born into an Italo-Venezuelan family and currently based in Los Cabos, Mexico, Sassano is fashionable, cultured, and well-traveled all qualities he incorporates into every piece in the By Fabrizio Design catalog.

His memory bracelets, in particular, are quite the head-turner. This Positano memory bracelet in morganite, agate, and freshwater pearls comes with gold-plated separator accents and has a fluid visual effect when worn. On the wrist, it creates four loop spirals that catch the light in a beautifully natural way. It is named after Positano, a village and commune on Italy’s Amalfi Coast that is famous for being a premier holiday destination. Indeed, this Positano agate bracelet is a celebration unto itself, bringing the brilliant colors of a clear and boundless ocean to mind.

A semi-adjustable bracelet is an excellent option when giving gifts as it assure you fit and radiate beautifully. The bracelet features freshwater pearls, miniature pink agate stones, and a white Nazar charm that is said to protect against maladies of all forms.

Handmade, custom-designed, and thoroughly inclusive, every piece in the By Fabrizio collection reflects the designer’s life, culture and utmost respect for the quality materials he selects. Experience today an agate bracelet of your very own from By Fabrizio Design.

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