Are Rockstar Rims Good? Choosing The Right Aftermarket Wheels

Whether you’re planning to take a trip that requires you to go offroad or you simply want to show off your wheels around town, you might already be thinking about making a change to your wheels and rims.

That said, you may or may not have heard of KMC Wheels’ Rockstar Rims. Being a market leader in aftermarket wheels, KMC Wheels has an advantage over other brands in terms of design and quality, and will definitely establish high value for your money.

However, there are a few things you have to consider when you’re looking to replace the stock wheels on your car.

Check the Stud Pattern
Retrofitting your vehicle with aftermarket wheels isn’t as simple as buying a new coat off of the rack. Different car manufacturers have different mounting points on their wheel hubs. Sometimes even the arrangement and the number of lugs differs per manufacturer and per model.

This arrangement and number of lugs on your wheel hub is what is called the stud pattern. If you’re unsure how to check your stud pattern, check your vehicle owner’s manual. Or, give Custom Wheel Outlet a call and one of our fitment experts will find it for you at no charge [1-855-SHOP-CWO]. However, more often than not, the stud pattern is also usually found and engraved onto the wheels themselves. Make sure you’ve noted that down, because if you get the stud pattern wrong, then you’ll find yourself unable to fit your new wheels or rims to your car.

Check the Diameter
Another measurement you have to check when picking out a set of wheels is the diameter. Some customers choose to change their wheels specifically because they want something bigger. However, changing the size of your tires can affect your ride.

For example, a lot of speedometers utilize wheel rotation as a way to evaluate and determine just how fast a car is going. Some odometers also use this rotation to determine distance. Fiddling with your wheel size could affect your odometer and spedometer’s accuracy.

This is because a tire with a larger diameter would rotate less compared to one with a smaller diameter. This reduced rotation would then indicate a slower speed on the speedometer than the actual. The same principle applies to the odometer.

So should you choose to go for bigger wheels or rims, just take into account the difference, as you might end up being oblivious to the fact that you’re already breaking the speed limit.

Now that you’ve made sure that the wheels and rims that you’re canvassing are a good fit, it’s time to look at actual rims and wheels.

What Sets Rockstar Rims Apart?
Graced by their signature five-point star logo at the wheel’s center cap, Rockstar Rims really carry that hip and modern design, look, and feel. This makes them stand out pretty well, whether you’re driving on a highway or offroad. The designs themselves are pretty classy, sleek, and sophisticated, perfect for anyone looking to set up their vehicles in some really awesome rims.

Rockstar Rims aren’t just for show either. Over the years they’ve built a good reputation for their brand.

Made from alloy and steel, their wheel selection in the KMC XD Series isn’t just top-notch in terms of design but is also light-weight and strong. Furthermore, they’ve also been race-tested, meaning they can withstand a lot of speed and pressure.

Looking for the right shop to set you up with some quality custom wheels is easy If you’re looking to replace those stock rims with something that’s stunning and has an excellent finish, check out Custom Wheel Outlet’s selection of Rockstar Rims. They have a wide range of rims from the XD Series that may just be perfect for your vehicle.

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