Creative Ways to Use Table Tent Signs For Your Business

Are you looking for a good yet affordable way to label some of the items and recipes that you’re selling at your store or restaurant? Try to think back to the last time you dined in at an all-you-can-eat buffet. You’ll recall that a lot of the items that they had available often had labels next to them to inform guests and customers of a dish’s name.

These table tent signs continue to be both valuable and important for shops, hotels, and restaurants. They help serve customers and guests in simple yet effective ways, by giving their direction and information at a glance.

These signs are often compact yet durable, made from strong metal that can make them last for years and years to come. But what, exactly, are these tablet tent signs used for, and how can they benefit your business? Keep on reading to find out more!

1. Name Plates
The first, and most obvious, use of a table tent sign is as a name plate for employees. You’ve probably noticed these types of name plates many times before, especially when you enter a professional’s office. They usually have desk name plates to indicate their name as well as their job role to anyone and everyone to look through.

2. Label Bar & Buffet Items
A second very useful use of these tablet tent signs is as labels for food and drinks at a buffet. After all, many times it happens in buffets that most people no longer have any idea if the stocks for a specific dish have run dry.

Nevertheless, providing tent signs for caterers and buffets is a great way to keep your customers and guests familiarize themselves with the dishes available.

3.Promotional Materials
Table tent signs can also be used as a way to promote some of your items. Tent cards, for example, often highlight certain dishes, promos, and discounts for customers that are dining at a restaurant. They can be used as a tool to help upsell customers on some of the items that are available on the menu.

4.Assigning Table Numbers
Table tent signs are also a good way to assign table numbers to each table setting. This is especially useful at big events like wedding receptions, wherein guests are often designated certain table numbers. This is usually done in order to help keep the flow of guests organized as they make their way inside the reception area.

5. Reservations
Another way that these tent signs can be used by hotel and restaurant businesses is as a way to designate a certain table as reserved for a particular customer that booked a table and a couple of chairs earlier in the day. For these, you want to make sure to use high-quality, sturdy tent signs that will last your business a long time.

Choose To Use Quality Tent Signs
Tent signs come in different materials. And sometimes those materials are either cardboard or cheap plastic. Sometimes stores will make use of note cards or other makeshift signs to label their items. This won’t do, especially if you want to appear professional and refined.

For this reason, you need quality tent signs made from strong resilient metal. You want a tent sign that’s easy to clean and polish as well, and can last you years.

For that reason, we recommend checking out Imprint Plus’ available designs and templates. Having been in business for decades, and serving thousands of businesses with their name plates, name badges, and table tent signs, they have enough knowledge, experience, and expertise to deliver the best table tent signs that will best-serve your business.

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