Printed Butter Paper is the Ultimate Solution to Encase Food


Butter paper packaging is of great benefit. the main advantages of custom paper are as follow:

  1. You can use it to cover many things without concern about their safety.
  2. It is resistant to humidity, pollutants, moisture, and heat.
  3. Butter paper keeps things warm, fresh, and crisp for a longer time.
  4. Besides this, it is non-stickiness and tolerable to grease and oil.
  5. They do not absorb water and prevent items from getting soggy and wet.
  6. Finally, they also hype your business and leave a never-ending impression on the buyers’ memory.

Usages of Printed Butter Paper Wholesale

You can use printed butter paper for various purposes. Such as: 

  • to wrap shawarma 
  • burger wrapping 
  • bread wrapping 
  • sweets wrap
  • confectionary wrap
  • cakes wrapping 

Identify the Brand’s Name with a Printed Butter Paper Logo

Today, the challenge is to outshine your brand’s name and distinguish the company’s products from the competitors. To outweigh your butter paper, we print it with the exclusive logo of your brand. The image of the company’s symbol becomes the signature of the company. It becomes easy for onlookers to find their favorite brand. Besides this, on clients’ demand, we put on images of bakery and fast-food products like portraits of shawarmas, burgers, and cupcakes. We add comic cartoon characters that look very enticing to seek kids’ attention. Our designers can create any printed designs and artwork according to your taste.

Select the Advanced Printing Methods for Captivating Butter Paper

Printing can alter the entire appearance of the Paper. We also offer custom fries boxes in printing. You can pick one that suits you. You have to make choice between offset and digital. Digital is considered more applicable as it is an advanced technique and gets ready authentic outputs in a short time. It is more cost-effective than offset. However, our printing procedures and inks are 100% safe for the environment. So, food wrapped in this printed Paper is entirely secure for human health. 

Choose the Suitable Printed Color Scheme

Colorful Paper gets noticed more than dull and colorless Paper. It depends on you to choose the color of the butter paper. You can select one or full-color printing. In the hue printing model, we have the following:

  1. CMYK:

CMYK is a four-color printing method. It is more cost-effective than PMS and produces stunning and accurate results.

  1. PMS:

Pantone Matching System provides endless color shades. In digital printing, CMYK and PMS are both application methods. 

Give a Finishing Look to Printed Butter Paper with Additional Features

After printing the Paper, we employ different types of laminations and finishings. The use of laminations makes packaging endurable and aesthetically pleasing:

  • Matt lamination:

Matt gives a smooth and soft touch while handling the Paper. The Paper remains secure from getting folded and crinkled. 

  • Gloss lamination:

In comparison to matt, gloss makes Paper shiny and bright. It reflects the light and enhances the color vibrancy of the Paper. 

In embellishments, we have:

Embossing/ debossing: their use pre-eminent the images of the logo and gives them a three-dimensional effect.

First rate Packaging Provider

Why choose us? What differentiates our services from our rivals? Our company has been supplying 100% customer’s assured services for last few years. For the comfort and easiness of our customers, we offer the following:

  • free and immediate quote service
  • shipping without any cost all over the USA
  • free of cost design assistance of our experts
  • plates and die-cuts free
  • 2D and 3D physical design mock-ups
  • high-end services at competitive prices
  • 100% reliable and eco-friendly packaging
  • availability of customer team 24 hours

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