Should You Host A Rock Climbing Birthday Party For Kids?

Is your son or daughter’s birthday coming up soon? Perhaps you’re thinking about what type of activities to have at their upcoming party, and just aren’t set on most of the choices. After all, most parties usually end up having magicians, clowns, princesses, photobooths, scavenger hunts, and jumping castles all the time.

But what about a rock climbing birthday party?

These days, you’ll find a lot of kids cooped up indoors, playing games on their tablets, phones, consoles, or computers. That’s why getting them to do healthy, physically-tiring activities is good for them. After all, kids should be climbing trees, playing tag, or biking around the neighborhood rather than be glued to a screen all day.

Rock climbing is a good opportunity to encourage them to try something cool, new, and challenging. So if you’re considering hosting a rock climbing birthday party for your kids soon, consider these reasons and benefits to engaging them in this wonderful sport.

Rock Climbing Is A Fun Version of Tree Climbing
Treehouses and tree climbing has always been a major part of many kids’ childhoods. Nothing beats being able to conquer a tall tree, sit quietly along its branches, and feel the wind blow through your hair.

Rock climbing can be a much more challenging, much more fun version of tree climbing. Not to mention, it’s also supervised, making it so much safer compared to your usual tree climbing.

If you have a kid who absolutely loves to climb trees, then rock climbing might just be the perfect activity to host on their birthday party.

Rock Climbing Is Kind Of Like A Puzzle Game
Have you ever seen your child play one of those math-3 type games on their phones wherein they have to match certain colors together to gain points?

Well, rock climbing has very similar rules, mechanics, and situations that can make you feel as though you’re completing a very complex, very physically-demanding puzzle.

This is because rock climbing requires a lot of thinking and planning ahead. It’s not just about putting one foot on top of another. You also have to think about where and how to grab hold of each corner, edge, overhang and buttress as you climb. You have to think about where’s the best location to place your foot, or which crimp you should hold on tightly to.

Rock Climbing Is Easy to Learn and Pick-Up
Unlike a lot of other sports and games where you need to learn and absorb the rules, rock climbing can be both simple and straightforward. It’s easy to pick-up, even for beginners, and can be fulfilling for anyone that’s able to conquer a wall without falling. This itself makes it a very good choice of activity for a birthday party.

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