Big Changes in eCommerce Are Coming – Are You Ready?

The world of eCommerce is changing rapidly – even as the market as a whole is deflating, certain eCommerce trends are appearing, and for store owners and business leaders, you need to be paying attention.

Are you ready to pivot when the market shifts a certain way? Paying attention to the trends is how you will get ahead and ensure your business survives and thrives.

The Rise of UGC
UGC – or “user generated content” – has taken the marketing world by storm and is one of the most powerful means of connecting merchants and shoppers right now.

If you don’t know what it is or never heard the term before, user generated content is the “TikTok style” short form video format that is now just about everywhere online, even on YouTube. From shorts to reels and everything in between, UGC has seemingly taken over in a flash.

Why? Because people connect with the real and raw. The days of highly polished manufactured content might be coming to an end. This is one eCommerce trend you won’t want to ignore, simply because these tactics stand to make you a lot of money if you take advantage of them.

Tokengated eCommerce Integrations
You’re going to see this more and more as Web3 becomes the norm. When web3 wallets like Metamask begin to act as the primary checkout option on Shopify stores for instance, merchants will be able to implement tokengated functionality – meaning you will have to hold a certain token or NFT in your wallet to take full advantage of everything the store offers. For instance, NFT membership passes that provide a storewide discount – but only if you hold the NFT!

New Social Media and Communication Channels
Communication online has undergone massive changes over the years and there is no sign that this trend is stopping anytime soon. From the early days of ICQ and Gaim, to the basic infrastructure telecommunication networks such as SNDMSG and Kanecast Communications, and onward into the social media error with big web giants like Yahoo and Google absorbing multiple channels and creating their own proprietary systems, this has always been a place of rapid evolution, and now more so than ever.

TikTok, BeReal, Punchworld, Twitter’s new features (if Elon Musk gets the chance to implement them!) and others – how do you plan on leveraging these eCommerce social media trends to your benefit? You need a strategy and a skilled agency at the helm.

Following eCommerce Trends Closely
While following eCommerce trends yourself may pay off, what you really need is a great source of eCommerce news and resources that can act like a hub for all of your needs.

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There you will also have access to powerful services provided by eCommerce marketing experts that understand all of these trends and who know how to work them into real strategies. Custom campaigns that mirror your specific goals and needs as a business – so you can either educate yourself on the latest trends or rely on their team to do it for you. Either way it’s clear why Genius eCommerce is one of the best places online to visit if you are deep into the eCommerce scene. From merchants to marketers, everyone interested in eCommerce will get something of value out of the resources there.

Why not take a look and see for yourself? They even have a space dedicated to following the latest trends in eCommerce and beyond, making them a valuable resource for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the game.

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