3 Novel Ways To Keep Your Kids Fit and Active

Exercising is important for people of all ages, but especially for kids. Their growing bodies need to be engaged in physical activities for a multitude of reasons: it makes their heart and lungs stronger, strengthens their bones, and supports their metabolism, among other health benefits.

One of the biggest challenges that parents face when it comes to this, though, is holding their child’s interest in exercise. Being young, most children simply don’t respond to structured fitness classes and activities in the same way that adults do. It can also be difficult to pull their attention away from distractions like their favorite TV shows or video games.

If you’re looking for out of the box ideas to get your little ones up and at ‘em, read on:

Ninja training
You may have already heard of “American Ninja Warrior”, a popular sports entertainment TV show. Some of your kids may even be fans of it. Did you know that you can enroll your child in ninja warrior classes? In the Philadelphia area, Reach Climbing & Fitness offers ninja warrior classes for tots aged 3-6, 7-10, and 11-15 respectively.

In these sessions, your kids will learn how to climb and traverse obstacles, the basics of parkour, and how to safely and properly utilize their bodies in a fun yet challenging setting. Ninja warrior classes also make kids more aware of their bodies and enriches their problem-solving skills.

Children love the idea of being able to emulate their favorite superheroes or cartoon characters. Using the knowledge they gain from these classes, there’s nothing your little ninja won’t be able to overcome. It’s one of the most fun ways to exercise, and your kids won’t even realize they’re doing it.

K-pop Dance
If your child is a fan of Korean pop music, chances are they’ve tried to follow along to the choreography they’ve seen in music videos and TikToks. Why not enroll them in formal K-pop dance classes?

Like ninja warrior classes, they’ll still be engaged in healthy physical activity and not be bored doing so. Additionally, they’ll learn balance and coordination while improving their endurance and flexibility.

Children will also learn how to follow instructions while gaining a better understanding and appreciation for world music and culture. Allowing them to unleash their inner superstar can also boost their self-esteem and give them more confidence.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing can seem like an extreme activity for a child, but when guided by professionals in a safe environment, it’s a great way to get some exercise. Reach Climbing & Fitness also offers weekly indoor rock climbing classes for beginners, and you can enroll children from as young as 2 and a half.

Just like ninja training and dance, rock climbing encourages kids to move and have fun while doing so. In addition to being a great physical activity, it also engages the child’s mind through goal-setting and problem solving.

Because every course is different, your child will always have something new to learn in class. They’ll be begging to come back again and again!

For more information on exciting activities for your little ones in the Philadelphia area, check out Reach Climbing & Fitness today! You might even want to join in on the fun yourself!

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