Top 5 Alternatives of DrChrono

Whether you are looking to replace your current DrChrono EHR device or are simply searching for a new way to manage your health, it’s important to know the options available. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to DrChrono, so you don’t have to settle for a service that hasn’t been designed for your needs. These solutions offer all the same benefits, but without the drawbacks associated with traditional DrChrono.

eClinicalWorks EMR Software

The vendor offers integrated EHR, Practice Management, and Population Health solutions to over 130,000 physicians across the US.

To help you make the transition from legacy EHRs into eClinicalWorks, this vendor has an accessible data transfer strategy. This vendor offers on-site training for your 1–9 physician practices and initial implementation services.

eClinical software offers revenue cycle management services for 2.9% of monthly revenues. There are no start up fees. Some customers have accused eClinicalWorks of hiding hidden costs.

eClinicalWorks, the most recent software update, promises better patient safety. This will help in care coordination.

eClinicalWorks has a unique HIPAA-compliant telehealth program Healow. Clients of electronic medical records can use the software independently for their practice.


Whether you’re a physician, clinic, or hospital, there are many options for healthcare software. However, while some companies offer advanced features, others are more focused on basic functionality. Choosing a solution depends on how easy it is to use, how reliable it is, and whether it will meet your needs.

One option is athenahealth. This cloud-based software provides practice management, billing, and scheduling services. The software also offers a patient portal. The portal helps patients schedule appointments, pay overdue bills, and contact their staff. It also has a HIPAA-compliant messaging tool.

The scheduling feature shows patient insurance and deductible information. You can also create payment plans. The software also lets you set recurring appointment reminders. Patients can also sign up to receive appointment reminders through email or phone.

The billing module includes CPT and ICD-10 codes. The system also handles the complete life cycle of medical claims. You can export the data to Excel or to another system through APIs.

Athenahealth also offers practice management software. This software helps you flag inefficiencies and suggest changes to improve performance. You can also use it to send data to CDC’s Immunization Information Systems database.

The company offers a 30-day free trial. It’s based in Sunnyvale, CA. You can contact the company’s customer service team between 8 am and 8 pm Eastern time.

In addition to practice management and billing services, athenahealth offers a patient portal. The portal allows patients to schedule appointments, pay overdue bills, contact their staff, and sign electronically-signed consent forms.

A dedicated account representative can be reached throughout the setup process. You can also remain in touch after the software goes live.

athenaOne EHR

athenaOne app by Athenahealth is an app that allows doctors to deliver high-quality healthcare. They can access real-time information on the move. It allows doctors and nurses to track and ensure payment. It is designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, nurse practitioners, physician executives, clinical managers, and other medical professionals.

The athenaOne App allows users to access their daily schedules and manage their day-to-day operations with one-click access. athenaOne includes compliance tracking, appointment scheduling (e-Rx), voice recognition, and charting. These features will help you improve your productivity and streamline your daily workflow tasks.

Users can benefit from continuous embedded access to the nation’s most comprehensive healthcare network. It provides the most current and comprehensive rules and industry regulations. The software is ONC-ATCB certified and Meaningful Use Certified. athenaOne App services allow physicians to coordinate their clinical inboxes, and prepare for patient visits on time.

Physician burnout can be reduced by the speed at which orders can be placed and exams documented. This robust solution allows providers the freedom to practice medicine from anywhere and at any time. The athenaOne App Free Demo gives you a comprehensive overview of the system. To simplify documentation, you can create customized patient charts. It’s easy to navigate the software’s homepage and track your appointments.

Users can complete critical and urgent tasks using the clinical inbox tools. Users can also sign orders and respond to patient cases. They can also view laboratory results. The athenaOne EHR App Comparison reveals that the software is more affordable than similar mobile apps.

The company’s dashboard, which powers its EHR, helps medical practices adapt to telehealth services. It has an extensive library of health-related information, including evidence-based health education similar to that of Ultralnk Ultrasound EMR. It also has a speech-to-text feature that saves time. It has a direct EDI connection to insurance clearinghouses.

Telemedicine Solution

Founded in 2007, DrChrono has developed a suite of services that are essential to modern medical practices. These services include an EHR, practice management, billing, and telehealth. They are all standards-based and fully HIPAA-compliant. Providers can use these solutions to focus on patient care instead of administrative tasks.

The company also offers a free 30-day trial. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows users to access their EHR on any device, including iPhone. It also allows users to e-prescribe, submit lab orders, and send push notifications. DrChrono offers a wide variety of features for all specialties, from pediatrics to ob-gyn.

DrChrono’s telehealth features are fully integrated with the EHR and practice management platforms. They are also customizable, so you can tailor your telehealth practices to meet the needs of your practice.

With DrChrono’s onpatient Personal Health Record, patients can schedule video visits right from the EHR. They can also search for a provider by specialty, medical condition, or insurance information. If they aren’t already a DrChrono patient, they can create their own account and launch video visits.

The DrChrono platform has 18 million patients, and it is expanding its offerings. Its latest release is a telehealth offering, and it plans to release a patient-facing telehealth offering next month. The company has closed a $20 million round for tech platform enhancements. It serves more than 10,000 medical providers in the U.S.

The company also offers practice management tools and revenue cycle management. These features eliminate navigational issues often associated with medical billing software. It also provides dedicated revenue collection support. Its introductory pricing tiers are highly affordable.

Using DrChrono’s solutions is easy to set up, and the company provides extensive customer service. Users can also automate tasks, such as reminders and billing profiles. They can also accept card payments and manage transactions.


NueMD Software provides a SaaS platform that offers clinical, billing, and practice management software to universities and practices. This platform is used by around 340 medical billing firms to process claims, provide transparency and automate practice management for their clients. Its clearinghouse, which processes approximately 3.5 million claims transactions annually, is its flagship product.

The company was founded in 1993 and has more than 15,000 US customers. The system is currently available for use in any specialty private practice, large or small. The company’s customer service is located in the United States. They offer multiple contact options via email, instant messaging, and phone calls. The mobile app can be used on both iOS AND Android.

Monthly subscriptions are available for the software. This includes unlimited users and practice locations. Both iOS and Android mobile apps are available. It provides all the features and tools a practice requires to organize patient records. It can integrate with multiple EHR systems of companies. You can use features such as PCM and elabs. Users can easily manage their patients by combining all of these features in one place.

AdvancedMD purchased the vendor in July 2018. According to reports, it will continue to support the vendor’s software and clients will be able to upgrade to solutions.

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