Protecting Mattresses During Moves

Mattresses aren’t cheap, and they aren’t easy to move. All things considered they are among the bulkiest and most sensitive household items to transport; despite the fact that they don’t break, they are susceptible to water damage, light damage, puncture damage, and more. They’re also heavy and cumbersome, making it physically difficult to move them.

Therefore, to protect your investment, it’s important to keep your mattresses protected and covered by a mattress bag during the entirety of the move, as well as when you have a mattress in storage. 

But before you find a new supplier for wholesale mattress bags for your moving company, here are the things you need to know so you can educate customers when they ask you. 

They look to your moving company as the authority, so it’s best to be prepared with educated answers if a customer ever questions you.

During Moves 
When you’re moving a mattress, there are a wide range of environmental factors that can damage it. Among these are the following:

● Settling dust, dirt, and other debris 
During moves, all mattresses will be subject to an onslaught of different forms of debris such as hair, dust, dirt, silt, and even potentially mud. A high-quality, tear-resistant, flexible mattress cover (such as one made out of PE), is your first line of defense against dirt and dust. Remember, the insides of moving vans are rarely notable for their cleanliness, and your mattress is going to be laying in one. 

● Moisture damage 
This is the main reason you need to cover your mattress during a move. Moisture damage to a mattress is effectively irreversible. Mattresses are like giant sponges and once wet they are exceedingly difficult to dry out. 

Worst of all, letting a mattress get wet also puts it at risk of developing mold, mildew, and harboring bacteria. This will damage the mattress and let odors set in that will be near-impossible to remove. Plus, you sleep on these – this situation is best avoided and not remediated.

● Abrasive damage 
Moves can be tricky and at points, it can be difficult to prevent a mattress from rubbing against walls or from incidental contact with the ground. Thicker, heavier PE mattress covers will protect your mattress from scrapes and scuffs that arise from unintentional contact. 

In Storage 
Mattress bags are also suitable for protecting mattresses during longer periods of time, such as during home renovations or when putting them in storage. 

However, it is important to use a properly designed mattress bag when doing so, because the same PE bag that prevents moisture from getting in can also prevent it from getting out.

Therefore, when you store your mattress covered for any prolonged period of time, it’s advisable to use a mattress bag with vent holes or an open top. These will provide ventilation and help prevent any odors from settling into the mattress.

Where Can You Get Wholesale Mattress Bags?
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Edco Source also sells poly tubing rolls and flat poly bags, anti-static bags, mailing and shipping packaging, shrink film, trash bags and can liners, and many other categories of plastic bags and wrap – all made of top quality materials, and all at excellent prices. 

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