Benefits of StreamlineMD Integration With Lytec


StreamlineMD, a national leader in electronic health record software and revenue cycle management services for offices-based interventional and endovascular specialists, is StreamlineMD. The software product combines EHR, billing, and practice management into one integrated solution. It can be integrated with Lytec’s interface and Allscripts APIs to create reports.

StreamlineMD, a leader in EHR software and revenue cycle management services to office-based interventional and endovascular specialists, is a national leader

The software company StreamlineMD specializes in EHR software for offices and revenue cycle management services to endovascular and interventional professionals. Its EHR has critical functions such as patient portals, vital sign monitoring, nurse notes, clinical note templates, and nurse notes. It also offers optional functions such as inventory management, prior authorization tracking and marketing campaign management.

EHR solutions also come with specialty-specific templates. It’s hosted on Microsoft Windows platforms and available as an Internet subscription. It was designed to automate and streamline office workflows.

Software that manages revenue cycle management helps doctors to manage patient accounts and ensure timely reimbursement. It automates billing tasks and improves patient satisfaction. These systems automate claims coding and collection, remind patients to make payments, and keep a list of claims.

EHR software can be integrated with mobile devices. It allows patients to interact with the software and doctors can take notes on tablets. They can also electronically prescribe medication.

It combines EHR, practice management and billing services into one software product

StreamlineMD, a cloud-based software product, provides EHR, practice management and billing services for medical offices. It’s available as a subscription and has been approved by HIPAA/ONC. It is available on a subscription basis and comes with technical support. Prices are per user and each office. StreamlineMD offers a free trial for a limited number of users and a database setup.

StreamlineMD’s cloud-based platform for clinical care targets four medical specialties in the US. The company’s main focus is to improve the functioning of radiology clinics and interventional pain centres, as well as endovascular and interventional centers. This product offers a variety of unique features such as integrated vitals monitoring and PACS monitoring.

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To generate reports, it uses Lytec’s interface

Lytec interface in StreamlineMD makes it easy to share data between physicians and their offices. Data from one system automatically transfers to the other. Lytec stores patient data and pushes it to StreamlineMD. This eliminates double-entry. Lytec also pushes patients’ appointment information to StreamlineMD.

StreamlineMD allows you to manually enter patient and charge information. StreamlineMD supports all aspects of the care process including medication administration, charge generation, and disease and medication protocols. The interface is easy to use and allows for users to add or edit information. StreamlineMD allows users to create claims for manually entered charges.

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It uses Allscripts APIs

Allscripts FHIR API lets developers build products that allow users to access and exchange medical data. FHIR is an evolving standard that allows healthcare providers to access and share clinical data more efficiently. The API latest version supports FHIR release 4 as well as the United States Core Data for Interoperability standard (USCDI). The API’s older versions are also compatible with the DSTU2 release. They can be purchased separately.

Allscripts FHIR API was designed to be used in practice management systems and EHR platforms. Cloud-based means that upgrades are available immediately for all users. This allows for data sharing and easy scaling. Allscripts has secure servers that can handle large numbers of users and their data.

Allscripts has a range of EHR solutions that can all be tailored to suit a variety needs. The professional EHR, for example, is focused on documentation and scheduling. Its APIs make it easy to integrate with other healthcare organizations and payers as well as pharmacies. Templates are available for different diagnoses and visits on the platform. These templates are simple to customize.

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