The Fascinating History of the Tennis Bracelet (and How To Wear It)

The phrase “diamond line bracelet” may not mean much to the casual consumer, but there’s an immediate realization when it’s called by its more popular moniker, “tennis bracelet”. But why is this piece of jewelry specifically called that? Does it actually have anything to do with tennis, the sport? This article will tell you everything you need to know about this rising fine jewelry trend:

What is a tennis bracelet?
Sometimes also referred to as a “diamond line bracelet”, a tennis bracelet is a continuous string of equally-sized gemstones, usually diamonds, designed to adorn the wrist. It may also have been referred to as an “eternity bracelet” at some point, and indeed, resembles an eternity band in design and profile. What distinguishes a tennis bracelet from other bracelets is the fact that you’re supposed to just barely see the metal that the gemstones are set into.

White gold creates a more fluid visual effect when paired with icy diamonds, making the combination a popular choice for tennis bracelets. Modern designs, however, make use of yellow or rose gold, combining them with colorful precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.

Why is it called a tennis bracelet?
The most popular origin story of the term “tennis bracelet” involves Chris Evert, a female tennis player who was a dominating force in the sport throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. She was also considered a fashion icon at the time.

During the 1987 U.S. Open, she was spotted wearing a diamond line bracelet during a particularly intense match. According to reports, the bracelet ended up falling from her wrist, and the champion requested a pause for play so that she could search for it on the court. She was also quoted to have said, “I dropped my tennis bracelet”; since then the term has been associated with the piece.

Nowadays, most tennis bracelets are secured with a clip-style lock system that should prevent them from coming undone during strenuous activities–such as a lively game of tennis, for instance. So as not to hinder the wearer, they are meant to fit closely to the skin. This means that, yes, you absolutely can wear a tennis bracelet while playing tennis, or most active sports, as long as it is adjusted properly. It should sit close to the skin so as not to hinder the wearer.

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The tennis bracelet is such a versatile accessory: comfortable enough for daily wear, but is as dainty and elegant as any other piece of jewelry you’d wear to a night out. Popular A-listers such as Billie Eilish and Justin and Hailey Bieber have been spotted wearing it recently as part of a casual ensemble.

One of the best ways to wear it out is to opt for a princess-cut tennis bracelet from Suzanne Kalan. Princess-cut is the second most popular shape for gems in the world for good reason: princess-cut diamonds and precious stones have a brilliant sparkle that truly showcases their fire.

The Princess Midi Stack Diamond is one of their more elaborate yet timeless designs: it features 8.46 carats of 3×3 millimeter princess-cut white diamonds and 1.20 carats of baguette white diamonds that can be set in yellow, rose, or white gold. Another attractive princess-cut tennis bracelet from their catalog is the Princess Midi Rainbow. This is a modern take on the classic that features 4.90 carats of 2×2 millimeter princess-cut rainbow sapphires in a variety of hues which can be set in either rose or yellow gold.

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