The Best Plus Size Fitness Influencers to Follow Now

Are you looking to get active? Well, then you’ve already accomplished the toughest part: finding motivation! Now, all you need is some fitness inspiration and the right workout gear!

If you’re looking for plus size women’s sports bras that offer maximum support and comfort, check out Anita Active’s collection before busting out some moves. They have sports bras that cater to all body types and cup sizes, so you can focus on your workout without discomfort.

Once you have a comfortable sports bra that fits you properly, you’re going to want to find some plus-size fitness influencers to emulate. On the path to achieving your fitness goals, there’s nothing better than being able to relate to and draw inspiration from others that have run the same path!

Jessie Diaz
Jessie teaches body-positivity dance classes in New York City so she’s always shaking her stuff with confidence. Her fitness routine includes dancing, CrossFit, and weightlifting. Most of her Instagram posts revolve around spreading positivity and motivation. And you’ll always see her in a fun fitness outfit.

CeCe Olisa
CeCe is all about fashion and body positivity. Her Instagram allows you to follow her fitness journey and get inspired by her positive, fun life. CeCe creates workout videos that you can follow at home, made specifically with plus size women in mind.

Dianne Bondy
Dianne is a super authentic and genuine influencer who is a very vocal body activist. She is a mother and movement coach who is all about the peace and harmony of yoga. Her social media will inspire you to do what makes you happy and stay true to who you are.

Jessamyn Stanley
This empowering yoga teacher is known around the world thanks to her body positive social media posts and subscription-based yoga program. Jessamyn started her Instagram to get advice on her posture when she first fell in love with yoga but she has since flourished into an influencer that preaches sex positivity and loving yourself.

Sarah Sapora
This writer and motivational speaker is all about body positivity and spreading awareness about the issues and discrimination she faces as a plus-sized woman. Her Instagram follows her on her fitness journey! Sarah is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher but also goes hard at the gym. If you are looking for motivation, check out Sarah’s page immediately.

Roz is a certified personal trainer and skilled pole dancer. While she has accomplished a lot on the pole, she has also been featured in major beauty magazines and been partnered with companies like FitBit. Roz offers fitness classes specifically for plus-size athletes and can be seen doing anything from handstands to lifting weights.

Chasi Jernigan
Chasi is the founder of Sweat in Mascara. She is an advocate, certified fitness instructor and a mom. Chasi is all about body positivity and motivation. She can be seen posing in a variety of fashionable outfits on Instagram when she’s not busy working out or helping empower women to chase their business dreams.

Maria Odugba
Maria may be bigger than a size 20 but she’s still tackling her fitness goals — and so can you! She likes to shatter stereotypes about size, motivating women to go after their fitness goals and enjoy their lives at any size. You can see her weight loss journey on her Instagram. Maria is big on yoga so you’ll find plenty of fitness inspiration as well as cute selfies that will make you smile.

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