Schwinn Retro Unicycles: Perfect for Collectors

Unicyclists that learn on a beginner unicycle and then decide to take up distance or muni riding often end up with more than one in their collection. No doubt, some die-hard one-wheelers own several.

There’s no shame in it, as each unicycle is sized and built accordingly to the appropriate needs of its discipline. Muni unicycles typically have broad wheels and stout steel frames; giraffe unicycles, which are mainly ridden for entertainment, are ungainly and tall.

Just like fishing tackle, each machine is built for a specific purpose, which is why there’s often more than one in a collection.

The point here is, if you’re looking for a new unicycle, already have a few, and are looking for something truly unique, we have a real find for you: Schwinn retro unicycles, available online at

Schwinn Retro Unicycles: A Proverbial Blast from the Past’s Schwinn retro unicycles are made the way they used to make them when Schwinn was in Chicago, except the modern ones are better. They’re made with updated bearing holders.

These Schwinn unicycles feature striking blue steel mainframes (2 pieces) that are elegantly styled and emblazoned with the “Schwinn” typeface logo running the length of the fork.

But these Schwinn retro unicycles are much more than just their good looks. Like any true catch, you get the whole package.

They feature large, comfortable Schwinn saddles with integral lift handles and bumpers, and the 4-hole steel seat post allows for easy adjustment to rider height. Like other seat posts, they can be cut down to provide a better fit, too.

There’s quality in the details. This Schwinn unicycle features a hardened CrMo spindle, steel crank arms, and a strong yet lightweight single-wall aluminum rim. The 2.125” tires are a little narrow for muni riding but will afford sure traction and comfort on smooth surfaces.

Currently, two models of these unicycles are available on their website. There’s a 20” inch model that’s great for riders with an inseam length of at least 28”, as well as a 24” model that’s better for taller riders with a minimum inseam length of 33”.

The durability and quality of these unicycles make them great as more than just collectors’ items. The 20” version is great for beginners and learners as this is such a versatile size. It’s also a good size for learning tricks or for pursuing unicycle sports like hockey or basketball.

They’re not great distance machines, though. The 24” version is better for commuters and distance riders because it’s capable of maintaining higher speeds. The larger size is also more suitable for freestyle riding (for some riders).

Of course, these are also real treasures for Schwinn fans and collectors, and you’ll want to get one before they’re gone!

Where Can You Learn More About These Schwinn Retro Unicycles?
Do you have any questions about these Schwinn retro unicycles that we haven’t answered here? Basic questions about learning how to ride a unicycle, or what unicycle safety gear you’ll need? Maybe you’d just like a few recommendations to point you in the right direction?

Get in touch with the experts at They are the uncontested authority in the industry and in addition to these rare Schwinn models, they also sell Kris Holm, Club, Nimbus, Impact, and Hoppley unicycles on their website, in addition to odd bikes, tools, gifts, and safety gear.

Their collection includes models that are perfect for beginners, freestyle riders, commuters, mountain riders, and entertainers – check it out via the link above.

And if you have any questions, you can contact them via the live chat on their website or at 678-494-4962.

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