Looking for a New Knife? Consider Bradford Knives

If you want a high-quality tool from a reputable manufacturer, look no further than Bradford Knives. As a US based manufacturer, Bradford Knives has produced some incredibly versatile knives, including their Bradford Guardian 3. If you’re looking for a new everyday carry blade, hunting blade, or kitchen knife, look no further than Bradford Knives.

Some of Bradford Knives most popular models are from its Guardian Series. These knives are designed to offer a wide range of utility so users can enjoy their sturdy fixed blades for a wide variety of uses.

Guardian 3
Bradford Guardian 3 is the perfect fixed blade for everyday use. They are small, light, and easy to conceal. This sturdy fixed blade is available in a variety of high-quality steels, each expertly heat-treated to provide razor-sharp, long-lasting edges. There are several models to choose from. Depending on the tasks you need to complete with your new knife, you may want to consider a drop point or a sheepsfoot blade.

The handle’s textured scales provide a secure grip without being too rough. Despite its small size, the Bradford Guardian3 can perform the functions of a heavy-duty folder.

The horizontal sheath of the Guardian 3 is one of the features that contribute to the knife’s ease of use. Because of this sheath, these knives can be carried as an everyday carry (EDC) alternative. The Guardian 3 is an excellent alternative to the folding knives preferred by many users as an EDC knife option.

Because the Guardian 3’s secure horizontal carry sheath allows you to keep your pockets free while on the go, you can carry it all day without worry. Because fixed blade knives are significantly more durable than folding knives, carrying one means that you are always ready to tackle tough jobs.

Guardian 3.5
There are many reasons to choose a larger fixed blade as an EDC option. They can also be twisted, pryed, and pierced without fear of disengaging the lock, making them ideal for cleaning and general maintenance. The 3.5-inch blade of Nitro-V stainless steel on the American-made Guardian 3.5 is ideal for any environment.

The large grip area behind the tiny sharpening choil, as well as the curved CNC-machined scales, make it easy to use. Its ergonomic shape provides a comfortable and secure grip whether used in a traditional or reverse grip. It also comes with an eight-design handcrafted full-grain leather sheath, making it suitable for belt, purse, or backpack carry.

Guardian 4
The Guardian 4 is the epitome of what a high-quality outdoor blade should be. These knives are designed to tackle a wide variety of tasks from everyday chores to enjoying the great outdoors.. The blade is partially stonewashed steel with extensive jimping for a firm grip. The Bradford Guardian 4 fixed knife is one of the best options for use in It has an 11.8-centimeter blade and a deep finger groove near the tip for excellent maneuverability.

The blade of the Guardian 4 is made of Böhler M390 steel. This is a type of steel developed in Austria. It is currently one of the top options in the premium market. M390 has an exceptional sharpness retention and corrosion resistance.

The ergonomically designed scale handles, made of two slabs of black and blue G10, has a completely exposed tang running through the middle. A hole in the back of the handle allows you to attach a lanyard to the scales.

Every knife enthusiast will find something to love in the Bradford Knives collection. You can find the Bradford Guardian 3 and other great knives at The Knife Connection. Send an email to support@theknifeconnection.com if you have any questions about Bradford Knives or any of the other knives that they carry.

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