Keeping Your Home Pest-free, Naturally

Many homeowners want to keep a healthy home, but the chemicals and ingredients in many cleaning and hygiene products can be harmful to children, pets, and those with sensitivities and allergies.

Some consider practical measures to make their homes free from infestation and control pests. They often use traps, fences, waste management and regular cleaning as part of their strategy. But these may not keep all kinds of pests and insects out of your home, and are not as safe and practical as you might think.

Instead, you can use products that are formulated specifically to be safer for us and the environment. For instance, instead of relying on mass market bug sprays, there are natural organic bug sprays that make excellent alternatives.

Here are some of the easiest ways to make your home pest-free naturally and protect yourself with the help of organic products.

Use Plants in Your Home to Deter Pests
Some plants naturally deter insects. You can use them indoors and outdoors to control insects and protect your family from bites, skin infections, and even serious illnesses.

Citronella grass emits a scent that many flying insects dislike, and so planting them in your yard or under the window sill will help prevent mosquitoes and flies from entering your home. Citronella also emits a pleasant smell ,and is often used in candles and incense.

Herbs such as rosemary, basil, chives, lemongrass and lavender are also potent insect repellents. Lavender has an appealing scent that repels fleas, moth, and flies. Chives often cause beetles and aphids to stay away. Rosemary and basil are also natural mosquito repellents.

If you have an outdoor garden, you could plant marigolds, petunias, chrysanthemums, and wormwood. These plants are also strong insect deterrents, and will keep away aphids, ants, ticks, and mites. They will also give your garden an appealing and pleasant smelling atmosphere.

Use Natural Insect Repellents
If you want to use kitchen ingredients and plant-based insect repellents, you could explore using neem oil, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, garlic and hot chili peppers for your own do-it-yourself bug spray.

However, you should make sure to follow the instructions when making these home-made repellents. Oils and vegetables can have a strong effect on sensitive skin, and pepper and garlic can elicit allergic reactions.

If you don’t have time to make these, it’s best to buy natural organic bug spray from a reputable company like Organic Cosmetica. What’s great about using a natural bug spray like this is the added moisturizing benefits for your skin!

Use a Dehumidifier
Most insects prefer a humid, moist environment, especially spiders. If you don’t want spiders, roaches, centipedes, and silverfish in your home, one way to potentially deter them is by using a dehumidifier. Baking soda and diatomaceous earth are alternative measures you can use if you notice you already have some critters in your home. These substances dry out the exoskeletons of many insects, so try sprinkling some in areas where you think you might have some unwelcome guests.

Stay Bug-Free On the Go
We hope that these tips will help you repel unwanted insects so you can keep your home safe and clean. However, keeping your home pest free is only part of the battle. You also want to make sure that if you are spending time outdoors that you know how to deal with bugs.

This is why having a natural organic bug spray with you on the go is important as well. You never know when you might need it! We highly recommend the organic bug spray found at Organic Cosmetica, as it is formulated with high-quality ingredients that won’t irritate your skin or leave you with an obnoxious chemical scent. If you hate getting bothered by mosquitos and other bugs when you are outdoors, this is one product you need with you at all times!

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