How to Choose the Right Glass

Glass has become a quintessential part of the smoking experience. It’s the most-used material, whether it’s a glass pipe, a bong, or anything in between. They come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, meaning you are bound to find the right one for you. So here’s how to find the right glass for you.

So why glass?
There’s a reason (or a few) people use glass for smoking cannabis. That’s because it’s a very clean and safe material.

When you heat a piece of glass, the glass will get hotter. But it won’t smoke or vaporize. It also doesn’t create any toxic fumes and doesn’t emit any weird smells. This makes glass perfect for smoking weed.

What’s also cool about glass is that it can be shaped and styled in so many different ways. Glassblowers will mix colors and create cool patterns. Some designs are super creative and unique.

Types of glass pipes you’ll find
There is a wide variety of glass options out there, all allowing you to smoke with ease. Here are the ones you’ll see at smoke shops like The Hip Cat Smoke Shop, a smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale.

These are simple and easy to use. There’s a spoon-shaped bowl where you pack your cannabis and a small hole at the bottom of the bowl that allows smoke to travel from the spoon down to the pipe’s body. You control airflow inside the pipe with a small hole next to the bowl (called a carb). You can cover and uncover it with your finger. Then there’s the mouthpiece. You can’t go wrong with this design.

Bongs are recognizable for their water chamber. Smoke bubbles through the chamber and water cools the smoke, filtering out heavy particles. This produces a smoother, better-tasting smoke. Many bongs come in fun designs and shapes that enhance the experience.

A blend between a spoon and a small bong, this glass device works like a spoon pipe but has the addition of a small water chamber that cleans the smoke. These are growing in popularity due to their convenience size and enjoyable smoking experience.

These look like a small cylinder of glass. You basically pack one end with flower, light it, and then pull the smoke through the other end of the cylinder. Simple!

These are basically a big version of chillums. There is a small indent for packing weed, a carb for controlling airflow, and a glass cylinder that’s larger in diameter than that of a chillum. You can essentially fill the pipe with a ton of smoke for a powerful hit.

Dab rigs
Similar to a bong when it comes to water filtration, dab rigs are a bit different since they have additional features that vaporize cannabis concentrates. Instead of a bowl, a dab rig has a nail. You heat up the chamber, then dab the concentrate, which is then filtered through water before hitting your mouth.

How to choose the right glass
Unsure which one of these options is best for you? You have to think about what kind of smoking experience you want. Want to smoke in the simplest way possible? Consider a chillum. Want something hard-hitting? Maybe a steamroller. Care about taste? A bong is a good option.

Still not sure? Check out The Hip Cat Smoke Shop. This smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale has a wide variety of glass to choose from and experts to help you make the right decision! They have cases and cases of glass and a good vibe that will have you feeling at home.

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