Camu Camu Berry And Zinc Glycinate: What You Should Know

Medicine today is rapidly shifting towards understanding natural immunity again. While science has brought unprecedented medical advances in the last 100 years, many think it’s time to help our bodies develop stronger defenses with a more organic way of life as a way to stay healthy.

The properties of vitamin C and its role in the growth, development, and repair of body tissue and natural defenses have been known for decades. Discovered as an effective cure against scurvy, it now serves as the backbone of every healthy diet where immunity and protection from harmful environmental factors are paramount.

In nature, vitamin C is found mostly in citrus fruits, peppers, and many berries. The search for more sources of vitamin C brought botanists to the Amazon rainforest where they found Camu Camu. It is a particularly sour berry that grows in marshland across various countries that share part of the Amazon. Botanists found that Camu Camu was a superfood that contained incredible amounts of vitamin C. The key is pairing it with a nutrient that helps absorption of Vitamin C, such as zinc glycinate.

Why Is Zinc Glycinate Important?
Camu Camu berries showed promising results in research about their effects on inflammation, antioxidative processes, and immune system reinforcement. It was thought the sole cause of this was its amazingly high concentrations of vitamin C. However, extensive research showed that combining the amazing properties of Camu Camu berries with added zinc glycinate, a form of mineral zinc that is quickly absorbed by our bodies, can give the immune system a boost.

Zinc is an essential mineral, and is the second most abundant trace element in our bodies. However, it cannot be naturally produced by any of our systems, so we need a constant supply of foods and supplements that contain zinc.

More than 100 enzymes require zinc to function, and the mineral plays an important role in cell development and as an antioxidant protecting our skin from free radicals and UV rays.

Moreover, increasing the intake of zinc reduces the duration of colds. Zinc deficiency has been linked to decreased immunity, dry skin, fertility issues, and slow wound healing.

The problem is that zinc is difficult to absorb. It requires a vehicle that allows our bodies to process it and take advantage of its properties. In other words, the consumption of zinc has a negligible effect if there is no way for our cells to assimilate it. Many supplements make zinc more bioavailable in the form of zinc sulfate or zinc oxide. The problem is that this form of the mineral requires a lot of stomach acid to absorb, which sometimes is not available or can cause side effects like gas or nausea.

Raw Revelation´s Camu Camu berry supplement contains this essential mineral combined with glycine, which is a natural amino acid that is extremely easy to break down in our bodies. When zinc glycinate is consumed, it is absorbed by your digestive tract which quickly makes it available to your body through your bloodstream. This process happens naturally and is potentiated by the high concentration of vitamin C, another powerful antioxidant found in Camu Camu berries.

The Camu Camu berry is hard to find in its natural state, and the concentration of essential nutrients diminishes as it ripens. However, this incredible superfood can be dried and ground into a powder to conserve all of its properties.

Raw Revelations, an organic store specialized in superfoods and organic supplements, offers an incredible blend of Camu Camu berries that can be combined with your favorite beverage. You can make it part of your smoothie recipes, or even sprinkle it over foods to give your immune system a boost. Visit their website and order your Camu Camu berry supplement for a stronger immune system and a happier life.

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