Best Yoga Gear of 2022

Yoga is one of the best activities for people that want to strengthen their body and mind. You can improve your energy, increase your flexibility, and clear your head of negative thoughts. This is what has made yoga increasingly popular over the years. Whether you’re new to yoga or want to improve your experience, here are some of the best things to use during your next session.

What is yoga?
Yoga is an ancient practice with origins in India. It’s a blend of movement, meditation, and breathing techniques focused on overall well-being.

The first mention of the term appeared in a collection of ancient texts called Rig Veda. It’s a Sanskrit word that comes from the term for “union.” The activity can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago. In the 1890s, Indian monks started spreading their yoga expertise to the west.

The overall purpose of yoga is to connect your mind, body, and spirit.

The best yoga gear of 2022
If you want to experience the benefits of yoga, you will want to start by gathering the best yoga gear. From mats to gemstones, these are what you need to get going.

Yoga Mat by Lululemon
Whether you’re doing yoga at home or at a gym, you’ll need a comfortable mat that can cushion your body and protect your joints. What makes this yoga mat extra special is that it’s thick and textured in a way that makes you feel secure when switching poses and relaxed while meditating.

Aventurine Bracelet by Ice Imports
If you’re looking for an extra boost to your mental stability and focus, slip on an aventurine bracelet before your next yoga session starts. Aventurine is a powerful gemstone known not only for its beauty, but for reducing anxious thoughts and inspiring stability and grounding. This makes it the perfect gemstone for staying focused and open during a yoga class. Ice Imports has an aventurine bracelet that’s as impactful as it is stunning.

Yoga Towel by Manduka
This towel is perfect for even the sweatiest of yoga sessions. It will keep you dry even during intense poses. That’s because it has small, silicone nubs that will grip to your mat, keeping it in place. It’s super absorbent and quick drying. While immensely durable and powerful against sweat, the Manduka Yogitoes towel is lightweight and easy to bring to the beach or gym. It’s machine washable and made of recycled materials, which is also an awesome plus.

Yoga Socks by ToeSox
These socks were made specifically with yoga in mind. They help you stay balanced and grounded thanks to their incredible grip and non-slip sole. They also have a fitted heel design that keeps them from bunching and twisting while you transition between poses. Your toes are also able to breathe, spread, and grip. It’s a great alternative to bare feet.

Yoga Strap by Gaiam
If you’re a bit more advanced in your yoga journey, a strap like this is a great way to hold poses for a longer amount of time and get a deeper stretch. This reliable yoga strap is made of 100% cotton fabric and won’t fray or break no matter how complex the pose. You’ll be able to push your limits by choosing from a variety of lengths that work with your specific needs and flexibility.

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