3 Most Essential Furniture Pieces to Add To Your Dream Nursery

Setting up the nursery for your approaching newborn can be both exciting and overwhelming. After all, there are a ton of things, purchases, and appointments to take into account when it comes to welcoming a new baby to the family.

Most of all, though, the one thing you want to prioritize for your nursery is quality and safety. You don’t want to go half-hearted into this, as this will be the primary space that your newborn child will grow into. You want it to be as safe, comfortable, and relaxing as possible not just for your baby, but for yourself as well.

For that reason, we have a shortlist of recommended furniture pieces that every dream nursery must have to ensure that it becomes a haven for both parents and their baby.

1. A Convertible Crib
Cribs these days come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But the best thing about many modern cribs is that they’re easily converted to toddler beds and daybeds. One good example of this are the Babyletto Gelato Cribs, which can be converted all the way into a full-sized bed.

The great thing about these convertible beds is that they’re the perfect piece for your kids to slowly grow into as they grow older. And because they convert from cribs to beds, they’re also a very worthwhile investment. After all, you get to save hundreds of dollars worth once your baby grows into their middle-school years.

2. A Rocking Chair or Swivel Chair
Comfort is a top priority, especially during the first few months and years of a baby’s life. You want to make sure that it’s not just the baby that’s comfortable, but you as well.

A well-cushioned, comfortable recliner and swivel chair can be a good addition to that nursery to make you feel comfortable as you nurse your baby. Additionally, they can be an equally good place to comfortably rock your baby to sleep.

3. Dressers & Changing Tables
Every newborn needs their own space to keep their clothes. Dressers are a natural part of any bedroom. However, there are some clever companies that have decided to merge the dresser and the changing table. This seems economical especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your nursery for both.

If you’ve already bought for yourself a Babyletto Gelato Crib, for example, you could easily pair it with one of their dressers that also have an accompanying changing tray that you can easily attach on top.

Whether big or small, your nursery should essentially contain these three main pieces of furniture. Any more space that’s left can be considered a bonus. It’s only then that you can consider adding a bookshelf, nightstand, toy bin, or closet.

More than just choosing what pieces of furniture you need, however, always make it a point to prioritize quality. After all, new furniture is always a big investment, and you want to make sure that every piece you purchase for your home and your family will serve you for years to come.

If you’re having trouble finding a store that sells quality furniture, we recommend checking out Kids N Cribs. As a family-owned business for over 36 years, they know exactly what it takes to build a home that will serve every family well for years and years.

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