How to Keep Your Hobby or Craft Room Functional and Organized

Having your own space for your hobbies and interests can be a dream come true for any hobbyist or crafter. It’s nice to know that all of the materials you need to create can be easily found and are within reach. Unfortunately, whether you enjoy building dollhouses or putting intricate figurines together, the place inevitably devolves into chaos. This can be especially true for hobbyists who work with a variety of materials and small parts.

Before long, you may feel as though you’re surrounded by disorderly piles of crafting supplies. Organizing your crafting space is the best way to keep those creative juices flowing and making sure that your progress isn’t derailed. Here are a few ideas on how to transform your hobby or craft room into a neater, more functional place:

Use display shelves for collectibles
Display shelves for collectibles: they’re not just for collectibles! FENLO’s display shelves for collectibles come in a wide variety of styles, and some of them offer additional functionality beyond holding your tools, supplies, or completed projects.

Take their Fancy collection, for instance: it’s a lighting and storage solution in one, equipped with integrated energy-efficient LED lights on each tier to highlight the miniatures you’re most proud of. The lights are omnidirectional and can be pointed in any direction you want. With a completed height of 64.3 inches and a weight capacity of up to 60 pounds for each tier, it can hold even your tallest and heaviest figurines. It also offers three levels of brightness: high visibility, warm light, and cozy light, that you can easily switch between using the convenient foot switch.

There are three variations on the Fancy, available on FENLO: the Fancy Display Shelf, the Fancy Plus Wide, and the Fancy Edge Corner. You can mix and match them to suit your style and your craft room’s layout!

Invest in clear acrylic holders
Clear acrylic containers are a hobbyist or crafter’s best friend. They’re sturdy enough for most applications, and they allow you to see what’s in them before you even reach for them. You can find clear acrylic containers everywhere school and organizational supplies are sold. You can use them to line drawers and keep your materials separate from each other, or keep them on easily reached surfaces to house items that you use often.

The best clear acrylic containers are the ones you can stack on top of each other. You can also look into ones that have a drawer style, for easier access to the supplies you need most.

Repurpose a bar or storage cart
One of the most common problems that hobbyists and crafters can run into is not having enough surface area for everything they need. When a project takes up most of your workspace, there often isn’t enough space on your table or desk for the supplies you use to complete it.

A rolling bar or storage cart can be a godsend for this particular situation. You can use it as a moving island of sorts, with even more storage space for your supplies in the shelves below. When you’re working, simply move the cart over to where you’re doing your project, and then slide it back into place after you’ve finished. You can find plenty of bar or storage carts in places that sell ready-to-assemble furniture and other big box stores.

Don’t neglect what you already have
The tools you need to organize and store the various items and supplies you use for your hobbies can often already be found in your home. Do you have a collection of mason jars lying around? They’re great for writing implements, paint brushes, or holding small items. Plastic containers can also be used to hold art supplies such as glue sticks, tubes of paint, and loose pastel tins.

Keep your spaces beautiful and organized with FENLO! Don’t forget to visit their website for functional furnishings that can instantly transform the look and feel of your hobby or craft room.

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