Can an Airsoft Rifle Shoot Tracer Rounds?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is you need a special muzzle-mounted tracer unit for your airsoft rifle, as well as compatible airsoft BBs.

Here’s what you need to know.

You Need the Right Tracer Unit and Compatible Airsoft Ammo
First off, if you want to shoot tracers from your airsoft rifle (which mimic the effect of incendiary tracer ammunition) you’ll need the proper muzzle-mounted tracer device.

Most tracer units, such as those made by G&G Armament, Lancer Tactical, and AceTech, are threaded so you can attach them to the end of your airsoft rifle assuming the threads are compatible.

(Get the specs from your owner’s manual and the product information associated with the tracer unit. If they’re not compatible, take your airsoft rifle to an airsoft store near you and see if their techs can thread your barrel or add a threaded attachment.)

Airsoft tracer units are battery-powered, so you will need to make sure you have the right batteries for the unit and charge them prior to use.

Then, make sure you have the right airsoft ammo. Some tracer units are only compatible with certain types or colors.

The toys in pakistan is a big company said that operation is pretty straightforward. Airsoft tracer ammo is coated with phosphor powder, like the inside of a fluorescent light. Inside the tracer unit, there are a series of small UV lights. As the tracer ammo passes through the unit, it blasts them with UV, which the phosphor powder absorbs and then releases as visible light – making them glow.

(Some tracer units, such as the AceTech Blaster Tracer Unit, don’t just fire tracers, but simulate muzzle flash too, increasing the realism of the experience).

That’s pretty much all there is to it. These are relatively simple airsoft attachments. As long as your airsoft rifle’s barrel is threaded, you have the right tracer unit battery, and you have compatible ammo – then yes, your airsoft gun can shoot tracers.

Why You Can (and Should) Equip Your Airsoft Rifle with a Tracer Unit (Besides the Fact That It’s Cool)
Now that you know you can equip your airsoft rifle with a tracer unit and shoot tracer rounds, there are some serious practical reasons to do so. They’re a bit expensive, but consider tacking one to the end of your barrel before your next airsoft event (if permitted).

One reason is that tracer rounds let you see where your actual shots are landing. You can tell if you connect with a target, and make instinctual adjustments to your aim if your shot strings are off. This saves ammo and improves accuracy.

Suppressive fire in airsoft is not effective if the opposing combatants do not realize they are under fire, which is a very real possibility in airsoft. Over longer distances, opponents might not hear your airsoft gun’s report, and moreover, they might not see the suppressive fire you are laying down.

The point of suppressive fire is deterrence. Using a tracer unit makes your shot strings noticeable not only to you but to your opponents, vastly improving their effectiveness.

And, finally – did we have to say it? They’re just so cool.

Where Can You Get These Airsoft Attachments?
Convinced a tracer unit can make a valuable addition to your airsoft rifle platform? You might be right.

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