Two Tricks the Fur Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know About Reversible Mink Jackets

Heritage fashion really has made a comeback in recent years. People are fed up with boring, flat, consumeristic styles and dime-per-minute trends that are hokey and in some instances, downright offensive.

Increasingly, modern consumers want value for their money. Heritage fashion delivers just that. It’s made with durable materials, like cotton canvas, leather, and wool – and it looks cool as a bonus.

Now, we’re not going to argue that luxury furs fall into the category of heritage fashion – but all the same, in the sense that the style fell out of favor for some time and is experiencing a resurgence, it is.

And, now that the topic has been broached, it’s also similar in the sense that furs are renewable, exhibit remarkable quality, and when properly cared for, will last for more than a lifetime.

On that note, if you’re interested in investing in high-quality furs, here’s something the fur industry has been slow to divulge about the value of reversible mink jackets.

You Pay for One Style and Get Two
Possibly the greatest thing about reversible mink fur coats is that when you get one, you automatically get a second.

That is, all coats have a sticker price, whether they feature real fur or not. Very few of them are good for two – inherent – looks or senses of style.

But that’s just what you get. When you buy a reversible jacket, you get the look on the outward side, as well as the one on the inward. And, to be sure, many reversible jackets are elegantly lined with silk and hidden fineries that are as opulent as the furs themselves.

So in a way, or in a manner of thinking, reversible jackets are automatically half-price. Mathematically, it checks out.

Weather Protection Is Built-in
Real fur might be beautiful, durable, and without equal when it comes to protecting you from adverse conditions, but one thing you should never do is get it wet.

The fur itself may be relatively water-repellent, but the pelt and lining underneath are not. Getting your fur coat wet is a quick ticket to disaster.

Wet fur coats can develop mold, malt (meaning they shed their hair), and the linings can shrink, warp, or crack.

Reversible mink fur jackets, however (at least some of them) have a secret built into them: protection.

This doesn’t apply to mink fur jackets the reverse of which are lined with satin or silk – but it does apply to those with polyester or water-repellent reverse sides.

You don’t need to plan to wear anything other than your reversible jacket on a night out if the forecast calls for inclement weather. Just take your chances, and if the weather really does head south, just turn the coat around.

Many reversible coats are so designed to protect them in the event of disagreeable weather.

A Note on Fur Storage and Care
Now we should caution you with the following fact: if you do wear your reversible fur jacket out and it gets wet, don’t assume that it’s good to go just because you turned it inside out.

If it got wet, you still need to take it to a fur specialist to clean, dry, and treat it.

Putting away a wet fur jacket will quickly ruin it.
Only ever store your furs if they are completely dry. Moreover, store them in a cold, dry, dark location with plenty of circulation.

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