11 SEO Facts, Gathered from an eCommerce SEO Expert

Cold hard facts like these hardly need any preface, from an eCommerce SEO expert or otherwise.

Nonetheless, here they are. These are the reasons that eCommerce SEO is an industry worth around $50 billion.

1.Up to 90% of online users scroll right past the paid ads
What does this tell you, if nothing else than that you need to get more serious about your organic rankings? You can drive as hard as you want with paid ads, but you’re still going to leave some potential customers at the door.

2.Three-quarters of all users don’t even click to the second page of search results
Doing “well” organically is not enough. Page two, spot one results might seem impressive, but as much as 75% of all online users will never even see it. Get to page one or bust!

3.Almost three-quarters of all online experiences start with a search engine
Paid ads and social media posts can generate interest, but at the end of the day, when people need something, they get on their phones, tablets, or desktops and look it up. That’s all SEO.

4.Digital marketers estimate that SEO is up to 10 times more effective than social media
Again, social media can have a decent ROI and can bring you customers, but it just can’t stack up against organic metrics. SEO has a higher return on investment and drives more traffic overall.

5.More than 90% of all pages on the web get no organic traffic at all
Don’t be one of them. This is one of the most haunting facts in all of SEO. It’s so easy to do it wrong, and so elusive to do it right. But eCommerce SEO experts know the tricks and can make a difference.

6.Leads that begin with SEO often have a close rate nearly as high as 15%
At first look that doesn’t sound so impressive, but anything with a success rate of more than 10% is pretty good. Consider that the average conversion rate for ads is between 2% and 5%. That makes SEO volumes more effective.

7.The average page one, spot one position has content that is three years old
SEO is a long-term game, don’t expect this to happen overnight.

8.The average page one, spot one position has a click-through rate higher than 30%
All the same, the spot one position earns some really good user behavior metrics.

9.Over 60% of all organic searches result in zero clicks (and probably, a new search)
Sometimes, the organic search results just don’t give users what they want, which means they have to try again. It also means it’s critically important to properly craft SEO copy.

10.SEO, when properly implemented, can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by almost 90%
Imagine paying less, on average, for each customer by a factor of nearly ten times than you’re paying right now. That’s not always how SEO goes, but it has at least the potential.

11.Over half of all web traffic is organic
And finally, let it sink in that more than half of all web traffic is organic. Winning at SEO is the way to win in eCommerce, period.

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