What Does an eCommerce SEO Consultant Do?

The vast majority of digital marketing experts agree that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most lucrative marketing channels of all when it comes to ROI. 

Moreover, as many as 91% of all website pages on the internet get no organic traffic at all. 

Be that as it may, hiring an eCommerce SEO consultant can still represent a fairly big expense. So if you’re wondering what a consultant, or an eCommerce SEO company, does, here’s a high-level view.

● Perform SEO audits 
One of the prime value adds of working with a consultant is that they can perform SEO audits (sometimes, free) which will analyze the quality of content, links back to the website, technical optimization, and site speed scores. 

● Investigate opportunities for content optimization 
Content represents (on paper) a quarter of SEO and in practice much more. Content can be optimized at the page level in the form of OWC, blurbs, and headers, and at the CMS and blog page level in terms of length, depth, relevance, structure, and keyword density. 

● Perform competitive analysis
Oftentimes, an online store’s organic standing is impacted as much by its own optimization as by the quality of its competitors. A very densely competitive space can make it difficult for an eCommerce business’s online store to flourish. An eCommerce SEO consultant can perform competitive analysis as well as keyword research to uncover where opportunities lie. 

● Help uncover technical errors that can prevent pages from being indexed
Sometimes, technical errors cripple the performance as well as the optimization of an eCommerce website. Many of these have an impact on SEO and are undetectable to users. For instance, technical errors like huge image sizes, broken internal links, toxic backlinks, and the lack of a sitemap can all impact SEO. A consultant can uncover them and offer you suggestions for how to proceed. 

● Offer advice for website optimizations and improvements
Google uses over 200 ranking factors when it is determining how to index and rank a website or a web page. A consultant can help you look at some of the biggest opportunities and ranking factors that are easiest to optimize to attain the most meaningful results with the least effort. For instance; if your website lacks metadata or is completely without alt text, those small features can be (relatively) easily optimized.

● Serve as a “second” set of eyes to investigate user experience
Sometimes what you really need is just another set of eyes on your website to pick up on UX issues like slow load speeds or page errors that just might not be apparent to an administrator whose mind is occupied elsewhere. In that sense, an eCommerce SEO consultant can view your website through the lens of a potential customer before making suggestions for improvements.

How Does This Differ from eCommerce SEO Services?
It doesn’t necessarily. An eCommerce SEO expert can be both a consultant and a services provider. However, where it does differ, consultants will only offer advice on how to proceed, and by contrast, a services provider will actually implement those optimizations for an online store, pursuant to target keywords. 

How to Find an eCommerce SEO Consultant 
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