Three Creative Ways to Decorate a Hanging Porch Bed

Make no mistake about it, a hanging porch bed or daybed swing can greatly impact the spirit of a setting, help you relax, and possibly even help you sleep better.

Moreover, a porch swing bed will lend a unique air to your home’s aesthetic that can potentially even improve its value.

But you don’t want to just hang your swing bed and let it lay fallow. That swing bed is a blank canvas to which you can apply the pigments of your creativity to cultivate the ideal outdoor living space.

Speaking of which, here are three creative avenues for you to follow.

Use the Ropes As a Trellis
Some hanging porch beds come with standard 1” manila ropes that you can use to hang them, though they can also be hung with other ropes or chains.

These supports are the ideal surrogate lattices or trellises for climbing plants. During the warmer months of the year, you can grow a wide range of plants up the chains or ropes.

For those that love blossoms, clematis, honeysuckle, morning glories, sweet peas, and climbing roses all will readily take to the ropes.

These will add color and life to your outdoor settings and can even attract beneficial bees, butterflies, and maybe even hummingbirds. Imagine creating a truly living oasis around your swing bed!

Just be sure to affix the pots to the sides of the bed if you choose to follow this avenue, to prevent the gentle swaying motion from having any adverse effect on plants whose roots are fixed to a separate location from the bed.

Festoon the Ropes with Garlands
Colorful garlands are another great way to decorate the ropes of swing beds. Consider seasonal garlands like greenery around the winter months, or just hang seasonable ornaments or baubles strung along garlands through the other months of the year.

Crafters who enjoy origami can also decorate their outdoor swing beds in this fashion. If you can string the decorations along, you can make a garland out of it which you can spiral up the ropes of a bed swing.

Let There Be Light
Now, for one of the best-kept secrets among those who own patio swing chairs and hanging beds: the same ropes you use to hang the bed can serve as a built-in anchor point for ambient mood lighting.

Get some LED string lights and weave them along the ropes to immediately enhance the light and spirit of any scene. You can experiment with lights to create the perfect setting. For instance, Edison lights are very popular nowadays and cast a warm, amber glow, making them perfect as both task and mood lighting.

Alright, I Don’t Have a Hanging Porch Bed Yet. Where Can I Get One?
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They’re custom-built for any setting!

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