No, a Muzzleloader Speed Loader Is Not Just “Nice to Have”; for Hunters, It’s Necessary

Inline muzzleloaders, like CVA and Knight Rifles, have broken down some of the barriers that kept some sportsmen from entering the smoke pole fray. In some ways, that’s a good thing.

The average age of American hunters is now north of 40 years old. We need as many new people as we can get in our sport if we want to see the legacy continue – and muzzleloading seasons (and inline muzzleloaders) are great for that.

Many states offer generous muzzleloader seasons, some of them specifically for certain lock types, and others that are muzzleloader-only.

Now, back to inline muzzleloaders. They are rain resistant in ways that caplocks and flintlocks can only dream of being and offer substantially more reliable ignition – not to mention much faster lock times.

Loading, shooting, and cleaning them still takes some knowledge of firearm mechanics and observation of safety protocols – but in many ways, inlines are taking over, especially with those that are relatively unfamiliar with black powder.

Still – there’s one shooting accessory every muzzleloader hunter should carry in his or her possibles bag, on top of the other necessary items such as a ramrod, patches or sabots, and jags: a muzzleloader speed loader. Here’s why.

The Limits of Technology; Why a Speed Loader Is a Possibles Bag Plus
While modern inline muzzleloaders can be easier to load and offer reliable ignition even in adverse conditions, there are some things that technology just can’t improve for a hunter.

For instance; knowing when to take a shot, as well as proper shot placement. These are things that only experience will dictate.

Similarly is another gem that comes from experience: many instructors, articles, and hunters will tell you that the first thing you should do after taking a shot with a muzzleloader is to reload.

That’s another sort of thing that comes only with wisdom. You can never fully know when a follow-up shot will be needed, if and when it will present itself, and how long your window of opportunity will be; this makes preparation critical.

Even experienced muzzleloaders will take anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute to reload their front-stuffers. After that first shot, if you need a follow-up, you’re racing against the clock.

Now, for the first shot, that muzzleloader speedloader isn’t so important. You can take your sweet time measuring loose powder to the grain and loading and seating a bullet or ball on the charge.

But for the follow-up? That’s where things can get tricky. People make mistakes when they’re frazzled. That’s where we get sayings like “first the powder, then the ball, if not that way it won’t shoot at all.” The last thing you need when you’re about to make a follow-up shot is to drop the hammer on a primer that has no charge between it and the bullet.

Muzzleloader speed loaders are basically plastic sleeves that contain your charge (either pellets or a powder charge) and then your bullet or ball in reverse order (sometimes side by side), and ready to load. They streamline the process of loading a muzzleloader, making it faster, and more efficient, and minimizing the chance of making a mistake while loading.

They also have the potential to dramatically reduce the time it takes you to load a muzzleloader. All you have to do then is prime the rifle and shoot.

Saving time between the first and follow-up shots, on its own, is enough reason to add a speedloader to your pack.

Alright, I’m Sold. Where Can I Get a Muzzleloader Speed Loader?
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They carry a wide range of muzzleloader accessories on top of speed loaders, including ball starters, jags, funnels, and more. Check out their website or contact them at 833-980-0333 to learn more.

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