Yes, You Need a Shopify SEO Agency (Learn from the Mistakes of Others)

Let’s just start this article with some basic facts about search engine optimization. Organic traffic is not censored in the manner of PPC, meaning it is a digital marketing channel that is open to all industries. 

The vast majority of seasoned digital marketers also believe that SEO has the highest ROI of all digital marketing channels. 

Yet, there are some out there that believe a platform (in this instance, Shopify) can do all of the heavy lifting for them. 

This is not true. No platform, not Shopify, not BigCommerce, not even WordPress paired with SEO plugins like Yoast, can “do” SEO for you. 

You need a Shopify SEO agency. Here’s why.

Why Shopify Is Good for SEO 
First, we need to dispel the myth of “Shopify being good for SEO.” 

In a manner of speaking, it is. Shopify offers the following features: 

● It automatically generates a sitemap.

● Since it is hosted, it offers high speeds and uptime. 

● It is compatible with numerous SEO and mobile-friendly themes. 

● Shopify’s API is relatively compatible with a wide range of apps and tools. 

● Shopify automatically generates a Robots.txt file.

● Shopify enables easy management of 301 redirects to prevent 404 errors.

● The platform is also easy to use, with a user-friendly admin portal that makes on-page and content optimizations easy (and fairly) straightforward. 

The latter feature is key. Most of these features address technical optimization; which means, at best, your website would only be 25% optimized for SEO. 

That’s not good. The latter feature makes optimization easy but it doesn’t perform the optimization for you. That’s like saying an ax makes splitting wood easy, despite the fact that it doesn’t split the wood for you or build a fire. There is truth in the statement, but we’re missing something important.

Now let’s talk about another fact. According to some reputable estimates, somewhere around 91% of all pages on the web get no organic traffic. If that isn’t an unsettling figure, we don’t know what is, nor could we possibly fathom it. 

Don’t be like the other 91% of all pages on the internet. Be better, with the help of a Shopify SEO agency. 

Why You Still Need a Shopify SEO Agency 
So let’s just assume that Shopify is technically elite, and can handle all of the technical aspects of SEO (it can’t, but it makes a good showing). 

That leaves you with the other 75% to manage for yourself. 
These are on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and content, in addition to technical SEO (which for the purposes of this argument we are assuming Shopify has entirely covered).

Pretty much all three of these hinge on keyword targeting. 
Do you know what your customers are searching for, what the search intent is behind your supposed target keywords, or even how competitive or difficult they are? 

If not, you not only need a Shopify SEO agency to determine that for you, but you can’t even proceed with the other aspects of SEO until you figure it out. 

And, even so, assuming you already had a magical cohort of attainable target keywords, you still need to make page-by-page optimizations to your target URLs and optimize all of the metadata, image data, file data, and other ranking signals, piece by piece. 

Then you need to distribute backlinks, assuming you have access to third-party websites with high domain authority (many Shopify SEO agencies do).

Finally, you need to create a content schedule and systematically update all of your product, category, and CMS pages. Truth be told, the most successful online businesses maintain up-to-date, optimized blogs, too. 

Do you have time for all that? If not, you need a Shopify SEO agency. 
Or, you could just be one of the 91% of all website pages that get no organic website traffic whatsoever. The choice is yours. 

Hire a Shopify SEO Agency with Experience 
Hopefully, this post has spoken some sense into the depths of your reason, and you have come to the realization that, yes indeed, your online store needs professional Shopify SEO services if you want to show up in the organic search results and increase traffic to your Shopify store. 

Besides the arguments we have already made, hiring competitive Shopify SEO experts will have other perks for your eCommerce business. Most digital marketing partners will go above and beyond the call of keyword research, piecemeal optimizations, and monthly reporting from Google Analytics for your Shopify SEO campaign. 

Oftentimes, Shopify SEO companies can form a strategic partnership with your business and can make suggestions for other digital marketing campaigns such as content marketing, improvements to site structure that will improve conversion rates, and much more. 

Our advice for you as you go in search of a partner to provide SEO for your Shopify store? Start with an agency that has lots of experience. For instance, 1DigitalⓇ Agency has ten years of experience, not only in SEO but also in designing and developing Shopify websites. 

Experience teaches, and 1DigitalⓇ Agency leads the industry with effective SEO campaigns that produce results. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Visit their website ( to learn more.

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