What Are the Leading Intraoral Scanner Brands?

New dental technologies come and go, but over the past decade, it appears that intraoral scanners are becoming a mainstay. Doctors are investing in intraoral scanners to bring value to practice, helping them maintain digital patient records, because they are much more comfortable than traditional impressions, and scans are easier to send to mills, dental labs, and 3D printers.

Plus, many doctors are seeing greater treatment acceptance when using intraoral scanners, by being able to show their patients a full 3D scan of their mouth.

Since intraoral scanners first hit the market, many brands now manufacture scanners, making it a competitive marketplace. With so many intraoral scanner brands to choose from, where do you get started if you’re shopping for the first time?

For over ten years, Renew Digital has worked with thousands of dental professionals to help them find the right dental imaging equipment for their practice. With their experience, the doctors they speak with give them feedback on the brands and models they like and dislike. This article is going to share a list of the most in-demand intraoral scanner brands available today and some of the feedback they receive from doctors.

● iTeroⓇ

● DEXIS Family of Products: Medit and Carestream

● 3Shape

● Planmeca

● Sirona

Early in iTeroⓇ’s 15-year history, orthodontists quickly adopted intraoral scanning technology as an alternative to traditional impressioning. Having an easily exportable patient record in an STL file which can easily be shared with a mill or dental lab allowed for a more efficient exchange of dental records without requiring physical storage space. Plus, iTeroⓇ is manufactured by the same company as InvisalignⓇ and is the only intraoral scanner compatible for dental professionals working with the popular clear aligner brand.

iTeroⓇ also has a deep history in restorative work. iTeroⓇ has powered over 10 million restorative procedures worldwide. Through their award-winning restorative platform, general and specialty practitioners are given a powerful scanning walkthrough to improve the treatment planning and case acceptance on restorative procedures. With these tools, an iTeroⓇ scanner enhances restorative procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants, surgical guides, and more.

The iTeroⓇ is the classic intraoral scanner – their Element family of products is highly regarded for the powerful MyiTeroⓇ software and user interface, user-friendly touch screen, and slick overall package.

DEXIS Family of Products
Formerly under the KaVo family, DEXIS owns some of the leading dental imaging brands, including intraoral scanners by Medit and Carestream.

Medit is a newer player in the intraoral scanner space, with its primary focus on manufacturing an affordable, high-performing scanner. They have been really disruptive in the space – the first to offer no annual subscription fees.

Carestream is a reputable dental imaging equipment manufacturer. Early in 2022, they sold their scanner business to DEXIS to maintain a high-quality production. They’re well-known for their powerful software, which offers a high level of functionality.

3Shape, like Medit, is a company solely focused on manufacturing a great intraoral scanner. The 3Shape TRIOS is quickly becoming a significant contender in the dental intraoral scanner space. The scanner is known for its versatility and is used on nearly any procedure from crowns to bridges and more.

Award-winning Planmeca systems deliver consistent, high-quality images. Planmeca’s lineup of 2D and 3D extraoral imaging, as well as its intraoral scanner, the Planmeca Emerald S, are recognized for their ease of use and dependability. The Emerald S is Planmeca’s latest version of the Emerald with updated hardware and software. Speed is the Emerald S’s best feature, along with its native integration with Planmeca’s well-respected Romexis software. This is a more expensive, premium option, so consider value when comparing brands.

Sirona is a worldwide name in dental imaging, including 2D and 3D extraoral imaging. Across the globe, Sirona is highly regarded for quality equipment as well as customer service. Their intraoral scanner, the Primescan, is Sirona’s follow-up to the OmniCam. It takes quick scans, is slick and lightweight, has powerful software, and operates on a new hardware platform that Sirona developed from the ground up. This scanner is one of the most expensive on the list, so consider the premium features you need when shopping.

Did You Know You Can Save Big with Certified Pre-Owned Equipment?
For over 10 years, Renew Digital has been the leading dealer in certified pre-owned dental imaging equipment. They’ve worked with thousands of doctors and save their customers between 30% and 50% off the new list prices of intraoral scanners as well as panoramic, pan/ceph, and CBCT machines. They also carry the leading brands that are most requested by doctors so they can bring the best value to your practice, not just the brand they represent.

Renew Digital is also an authorized dealer of iTeroⓇ Element scanners. They proudly offer the iTero Element Flex Foundation CPO Intraoral Scanner, which includes a 3D-optimized laptop for true “plug and play” operation. These scanners are supported just like new ones, with a dedicated team of service and support staff, giving you the same performance as a new unit.

These scanners also come with the award-winning iTeroⓇ restorative platform, all with no recurring costs for 3 years. This means you’ll have no monthly fees on your software, subscription, and warranty.

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