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Looking for a 1911-style pistol but can’t find a genuine Colt, or you just don’t want to pay the sticker prices?

Consider a Para-Ordnance pistol. Like Rock Island and Springfield Armory, Para-Ordnance once produced some of the most highly respected 1911-style pistols in the industry. Here’s a high-level takeaway of what you need to know.

What Is Para Ordnance?
Para-Ordnance is a defunct company that was founded in Canada in 1985. Its specialty was producing both 1911-style pistols and parts.

In 2012, Para-Ordnance was purchased by Remington, at which point it was rebranded as Para-USA, under which name it operated for three years in the United States. In 2015, Para USA officially ceased production and was absorbed into its parent company.

Para-Ordnance produced a wide range of highly respected 1911-style pistols and pioneered some unique features among them. For instance, this was the first manufacturer to produce a double-stack 1911-style pistol. It was also the first company to produce a double-action-only 1911-style pistol.

Are Para Ordnance Pistols Good?
Despite the fact that Para-Ordnance and Para USA are no longer in operation, the firearms they manufactured throughout their collective history are still highly regarded. Many who own them report them to be extremely reliable and accurate. They also represent good value for the money, especially when you get a good price on them.

Consequently, Para-Ordnance and Para USA pistols are still in relatively high demand and are used widely in the shooting sports industry. They are highly regarded for competitive shooting, self-defense, and concealed carry, by law enforcement agencies, and more.

What Are Some Quality Para Ordnance Pistols?
In its time, Para-Ordnance and Para USA produced a wide range of highly regarded pistols. Some of the more popular Para-Ordnance guns which are styled after 1911 pistols are:

  • Para Limited Black Ops 1911
  • Para Ordnance PXT
  • Para Personal Defense Assistant
  • Para Expert 14-45
  • Para Performance Class 16-40
  • Para PXT High-Capacity Single Action
  • Para Warthog Single Action
  • Para-Ordnance 1911 Wild Bunch
  • Para PXL Lite Hawg
  • Para PXT LDA Carry Single Stack Carry Safe Pistol
  • Para PDA Carry Option

This is not an exhaustive list of Para-Ordnance pistols and there are many others that also deliver excellent value. However, all of these semi-automatic pistols, which are modeled after 1911 pistols, represent value, reliability, quality of components, handling, and accuracy.

Where Can You Get Para Ordnance Pistols?
In a sense, it is highly unfortunate that Para USA and its predecessor no longer produce these handguns which have become so highly esteemed by those that carry and shoot them.

However, judicious, enterprising seekers can still find these guns at gun shops that sell used firearms, as well as on selective outlets online.

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time is what secures you the deal you’re looking for. Visit some small gun shops in your area that you know deal in used guns and ask around. Even if none are on display, the employees, owners, or patrons might be able to point you in the direction of a seller or shop that can help you find what you’re looking for.

And there are options online, too.
Where Can You Get Para Ordnance and Other 1911-Style Pistols?

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