A Few Effective Ways to Keep Your Parcel Safe in Transit

Logistics is a frenetic industry, and the post can be a scary place. Items get lost, sent to the wrong places, delayed, dropped, tossed, shuffled, and crushed.

Not intentionally, of course, but for those in the industry that are giving 110% sunup to sundown to make sure things get where they’re supposed to be going, accidents do occasionally happen.

It’s just part and parcel of shipping if you can excuse the pun.

But that doesn’t make it any fun for someone on the receiving end of a shipment when something comes in slightly malformed, dinged, or dented.

So, the next time you mail something small and relatively fragile, follow these suggestions. If you thought an Air jacket poly bubble mailer was your only solution, you’re in for an awakening!

Use an Air Jacket Poly Bubble Mailer
For light, thin, small parcels that can fit inside an envelope, instead of using a paper mailer, consider using an Air jacket poly bubble mailer.

These are made from polyethylene, a lightweight, strong, flexible synthetic that is puncture and tear-resistant and will protect your goods against moisture damage.

They also have bubble wrap embedded in their sides, which provides an extra layer of protection against being dropped or crushed. They don’t provide quite the same level of protection as a box can, but in terms of envelope-style mailers, they’re about the best there is – plus they’re more affordable than boxes.

Double Up on the Protection
Before you insert your parcel into the mailer, by the way, there is one more thing you can do to protect it against damage: double up.

That is, get some bubble wrap and wrap your package in another layer of air before you place it in the envelope and mail it.

Two are better than one, they say, and this will give your package just a little bit more protection against unforeseen ills.

While ultra-tough Airjacket poly bubble mailers offer lightweight protection and performance, if you need to cross your t’s and dot your i’s it might be best to move up to a shipping solution that offers better protection.

Upgrade to the Next Best Thing (and Use Packing Peanuts)
If what you’re shipping is particularly small and delicate, and requires a superior level of protection to safeguard it against being dropped, crushed, or otherwise broken, then you might just want to bite the bullet and ship it in a box.

Yes, it’s more expensive to ship boxes than it is to ship poly mailers, but boxes afford some of the best “standard” protection in post and freight, and depending on what you’re shipping, it might be worth the peace of mind.

But don’t just do that: follow the same good principles here. You should still wrap your item in bubble wrap before placing it in the box, and as an added level of protection, submerge the item in packing peanuts. This way, even if the box gets crushed or deformed, the peanuts will at least offer a little extra cushion.

Add One Final Precautionary Measure…
Finally, it’s best to let the people you’re working with (that is, the postal service or another logistics company, like UPS or Fed-Ex) know what they’re working with.

Write fragile on the box or mailer, in prominent, bold letters, and in bright, permanent ink. Write it on both sides of the mailer and all sides of the box. Sometimes workers in these agencies do the same thing.

It’s no guarantee that your package will be handled with kid gloves, but it at least adds one layer of precaution and a gentle reminder to the people on the front lines to be a little more careful before they load up your parcel.

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