What is A Boundary Survey, And Which Calgary Survey Company Does It?

Owning a property comes with many legal bindings, which must be adhered to as a best practice. One such legal necessity is to have a defined boundary for your property, which is surveyed by an official surveyor and approved by the law. Whether for a private piece of land, a commercial property, or a drilling/mining area, defined boundaries help keep disagreements at bay. For this task, boundary surveys are used, and if you are involved in a real estate project somewhere, you might be in its need. So, what is a boundary survey, and how can you find a trusted Calgary survey company to do it for you? Let’s find out.

What is A Boundary Survey?
A boundary survey is a formal method of defining property boundaries. Surveyors use boundary surveys to determine the corners of a land parcel, an action typically taken before buying, dividing, or building on a piece of land. Land surveyors prepare a drawing after completing the survey, focusing on precision and accuracy.

Where is A Boundary Survey Used?

1. To measure the dimensions of the lot.
The deed, subdivision plats, and survey drawings combine to depict the property’s exact lines and dimensions.

2. To record land improvements.
If a former owner made any improvements to the land, a boundary survey could identify and record that. Permanent alterations such as sheds, garages, pools, etc., are some improvements shown in this type of land survey.

3. To find the exact location of your property.
Typically, fences are used to indicate your property’s location and boundaries. However, they are not always built exactly on property lines. So, while they denote property’s outlines roughly, they cannot depict the actuals. A boundary survey helps with the exact location and boundaries of your property.

4. For easements and legal record.
If the land surveyor has access to the property’s title commitment, they can put easements on the drawing as per the legal boundaries of that land. A strong proof of limits such as this can be useful in the long run. Hence, your Calgary survey company may even speak to former owners and ad-joiners to research the land’s history and boundaries.

Following these measurements, the Calgary survey company will create a property plan with detailed descriptions. They will also work on a report establishing boundaries and explaining their decision. Here, prior agreements between the buyer and the professional Calgary survey company help decide the border. On request, surveyors factor in elements such as stakes, marked trees, pipes, concrete monuments, etc.

Calgary Survey Company For Land Surveys
If there is one thing that is evident by now, it is that any type of land survey needs professional and expert supervision for precise and efficient results. In fact, to keep yourself out of legal trouble, it is advised that you opt for an experienced and certified Calgary survey company for your land survey needs.

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