The Importance and Significance of Apostle Garments

The origin of apostle garments and vestments can be traced back thousands of years ago, towards the 1st century. Back in the day, this type of clothing was not really considered special in any way. On the contrary, these vestments were actually ordinary street clothes for everybody.

However, as time passed, and various fashion trends came and went, these vestments began to take on a much more specialized use and purpose. The use of these vestments is nearly universal in all churches, however in some churches it’s only the choir that wears them.

Yet for its simple history, vestments continue to be a significant part of Christianity, for both the clergy and the congregation, mostly for the following reasons:

For Identification
The first significance of apostle garments and vestments is a practical one: for the congregation to identify a member of the clergy. While many pastors and ministers in certain churches these days sometimes preach and commune in what may be considered their Sunday best, vestments are helpful in removing any doubt and confusion as to a minister’s role at a wedding or funeral, for example.

The simple donning on vestments helps formalize the role of the minister in that setting. These identify them as a representative of God on earth, and are an indication that God has placed his trust and his faith in his priests and ministers.

In addition to that, the color of the vestments are also an indication of the liturgical season.

Purple, for example, represents penance, sacrifice, and preparation and is often worn during Lent, the Holy Week, and Advent.

Green indicates it being an “ordinary time” in the liturgical season, symbolizing life, hope, and anticipation.

White and gold symbolize purity, light, glory, and joy, and are often worn on days such as Christmas and Easter.

To Connect With God & The Faithful
Many consider the act of putting on a sacred vestment to be symbolic and related to the putting on Christ. In other words, when a priest or minister begins to put on the vestments, then they are, in essence, taking on the role of Christ’s representative on earth.

The wearing or witnessing of the vestments can also be a symbolic reminder for the congregation that Christ is present among them.

Commitment and Recommitment
Another reason why the apostle garments are significant is that they also serve as a reminder for the priest, pastor, or minister of their commitment to Christ. Putting on the vestments, then, isn’t just a way of connecting with God, but it’s also a recommitment to God’s will and purpose.

To Conceal Distractions
A more practical purpose and use of the vestments is simply to provide uniformed look and appearance for the clergy.

Imagine getting distracted, for example, by the color of a priest or pastor’s shirt, or the type of pants or socks they wear? The last thing any preacher wants is for their congregation to not be able to focus on God’s word just because of a missing button, loose thread, or mismatching socks.

A minister’s dress shouldn’t be the focal point during a sermon. The vestments help minimize all that distraction thanks to their simple and familiar vestments.

Where to Get Quality Apostle Garments?
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