Must-Play Sci-Fi Games Available on Gaming PC Desktops

Throughout history, the appeals of venturing forth into new and previously unexplored territories has always been part of humanity. Even now that we’ve explored nearly every inch of the earth, there remains that tinge of wanderlust within us that makes us want to venture further–this time into space.

For many gamers, there are a number of titles that scratch that itch. The question is: Which ones are actually worth playing? To that end, we’ve compiled a shortlist of must-play sci-fi games that are available on gaming PC desktops.

1. Mass Effect Series
If there’s any one game that should absolutely be played on gaming PC desktops, it’s Mass Effect. The series follows Command Shepard as he tries to battle a mysterious and ancient alien race that’s out to eradicate and enslave all organic life in the known universe.

Populated by a cast of very compelling characters, Mass Effect is not just another high-adrenaline cover-shooting action RPG. Rather, it’s the endearing moments that Commander Shepard has with each member of his crew, and the story that surrounds them that makes it an unforgettable experience. A definite must-play for any serious or even casual gamer.

2. The Fallout Series
While it’s often been up for debate which Fallout game is the absolute best, the popularity of all of the recent Fallout games has not dipped one bit. In this series, you often play the role of a vault dweller who recently left the confines of their fallout shelter only to be thrust into a post-apocalyptic world populated by ghouls, super mutants, thieves, thugs, and many other interesting characters.

It’s the lore surrounding these games that makes them so immersive. The characters in each game are unique and compelling. And the plot and story are so complex that it’s difficult to find or choose a path that any one person can consider to be morally right or wrong.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn
Another game set in a post-apocalyptic world, Horizon Zero Dawn used to be a Playstation exclusive. Now available on PC, the game features a rich sci-fi setting with its endearing and beloved main character, Aloy.

What sets Horizon Zero Dawn apart from other open-world games like Fallout is its setting. Mankind has reverted to tribal communities and ideas. These tribes don’t just hunt for meat and game, though. They also face imminent and immediate threat from many large and dangerous robots that take the place and the shape of wild animals. As a woman from that era, Aloy is equipped with just a bow and arrow, and some traps to use against these hulkish machines all while she works to uncover the truth and the secrets behind their world.

4. No Man’s Sky
If you haven’t had enough of open world games just yet, imagine playing one wherein you could travel throughout the vast reaches of space, build outposts and bases on multiple systems, or build a career as a trader, fighter pilot, space pirate, or explorer. No Man’s Sky is all that and more! Think Minecraft in space, No Man’s Sky is the ultimate sandbox for science fiction junkees, and the perfect playground for anyone looking to experience space exploration to its fullest potential.

Now, while all of these games are definitely worth playing, not every computer is able to run them smoothly. Having a capable machine is essential to fully enjoying these games. So if you’re on the lookout for high-end gaming PC desktops, or are simply looking to upgrade your GPU or RAM, we recommend checking out CLX Gaming for all your gaming desktop needs.

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