7 Questions to Ask Before Getting Calgary Real Property Reports

Handling properties comes with crucial responsibilities and legalities. And considering that real estate transactions are some of the more significant transactions you make in life, getting them right becomes a priority. Real property reports help you navigate the steps you must take before buying or selling property. So, if you want to order Calgary real property reports for a real estate transaction, it is important to ask the right question to your RPR company. Here is some information to get you started.

1. Why Do You Need A Real Property Report?
Real property reports are legal documents in real estate transactions and development projects. They help homeowners identify the boundaries of a property, apply for development and building permits, and spot potential issues that need to be resolved. At the same time, Calgary real property reports also help you determine the accurate location and measurements of buildings, improvements, and encroachments.

2. How Do Calgary Real Property Reports Protect You?
Purchasing a property is one of the biggest financial investments. Real property reports ensure that the sale and purchase procedure goes smoothly, such that all issues are addressed and fixed beforehand. For example, RPRs show any boundary problems– if the home is too close to a property line or if part of the property is crossing onto a neighbour’s land.

3. What Do Calgary’s Real Property Reports Show?

● The position of the house or buildings with respect to the property lines.

● Encroachments are caused by structures built or residing beyond the property’s boundaries.

● A record of the visible improvements that the home went through within the property boundaries.

● Any easements, restrictive covenants, and utility right-of-ways located on the property.

4. What Is Municipal Compliance?
The municipality reviews Calgary’s real property reports. A compliance stamp or letter is issued if the property meets the required bylaws. And if the bylaws are not met, a rejection letter is sent. In this manner, the property owner can resolve outstanding issues identified by the municipality before they sell it to a third party.

Try to arrange your RPR early on, so there are no delays in completing property transactions.

5. How Long Does A Real Property Report Last?
An RPR is valid if there have been no property improvements than the one shown in the last compliant RPR, provided that the municipal bylaws have remained the same too. However, not all municipalities accept an RPR that is more than a year old. Contact a professional who makes Calgary real property reports to get an idea about your region and case.

6. Do You Have To Be Present At Home For The Rpr?
No, all surveying work is completed outside the property. We do not need access to the inside of the house. We ask that all animals are kept inside during the survey and that all fences/gates are left unlocked to give our surveyors access to the entire property.

7. What Is An Rpr Update?
If you do not wish to get a real property report made again from scratch, you can go for updating your RPR. Many factors come into play while considering an RPR update. These include the date of the last surveyed RPR, the number of improvements made to the property since then, and if there has been an update in the municipal bylaw related to your propety.

Calgary Real Property Reports
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