5 College Dorm Essentials Worth Investing In

Living in a college dorm is considered a right of passage for many young people. It’ll signify the first time that a lot of you will be living away from your parents, and give you your first taste of true independence.

This, inevitably, means packing certain essentials now that you won’t have easy access to your folks’ stuff. It also requires some foresight on your part, because living in a shared space is wildly different from living at home. There are certain challenges you’ll be faced with that you’ll want to get ahead of. Here are a few items things that are worth spending your money on:

A floor lamp with shelves and charging station
College dorm rooms are known for being small. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to worry about sharing that space with another person. Unfortunately, most people aren’t. You will feel how cramped the space is with a roommate and all their things underfoot.

In such cases, furnishings that are both space-saving and functional can be a lifesaver. A floor lamp with shelves and charging station, such as the ones offered by ATAMIN, is three solutions in one convenient package. Their Alvis Edge floor lamp with charging station is excellent for eliminating vertical dead space in a corner: it has three shelf tiers that can each hold up to 40 pounds of books, school supplies, or collectibles. It also provides ambient illumination through the included LED bulb. Finally and best of all, it features 3 embedded inputs for charging your electronic devices: a USB-C port, a USB-A port, and an AC outlet. This eliminates cord clutter and lets you plug more devices in off a single wall outlet.

A set of blackout curtains
Being a college student, you can expect yourself to pull more than your fair share of all-nighters. When catching up on your sleep during the day, you’ll find a set of blackout curtains invaluable. They block out the light coming in through your windows, helping you sleep more soundly.

A pair of noise canceling headphones
On the subject of catching up on those valuable z’s, you’ll find a pair of noise canceling headphones incredibly useful, too. You can play white noise through them, tuning out the world around you while you reduce that sleep debt. They’re also good for just blocking all noise out in general. College dorms can be rowdy places, and it can be difficult to concentrate on your studies with so much going on. Look for a comfortable over-ear pair or invest in wireless in-ear buds for a lighter experience.

A decent pair of shower slippers
In most college dorms, you’ll have to share a communal shower and bathroom with the rest of the residents. You do not want to go barefoot in those. A pair of waterproof sandals that you can use in the shower will prevent you from picking up nasty foot infections, such as athlete’s foot, wart viruses, or MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus). Spend your money on a durable pair with a grippy bottom that will help keep you from slipping.

A collapsible laundry hamper
Don’t be the student who brings their laundry out in a garbage bag. They aren’t just unattractive–not a good look!— garbage bags aren’t very durable, either, nor are they very environmentally-friendly. Instead, toss your dirty clothes into a laundry hamper that can collapse into itself when empty. The best ones come with convenient handles that help you carry the load out more easily, while only occupying a small amount of space.

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