3 Reasons to Hire A Professional for Real Property Reports

If you own a property or are in the process of purchasing or selling one, you must know that you have to follow many rules. For example, many real estate transactions require legal documents detailing the property’s boundaries, construction history, and more. One such record of documents that is a must-have while dealing with your property is real property reports.

In most places, it is impossible to procure a real property report or other such property documents without the help of a professional land surveyor. Hence, hiring a professional becomes essential when dealing with real estate purchases or alterations. In this blog, we tell you three reasons you need to hire a professional to make your real property reports.

3 Reasons To Get Professional Help For Real Property Reports

1. Your Construction Planning Team Needs It.
Real property reports measure a property’s boundaries and other physical features. So much so that it is impossible to get an accurate idea about these property details without real property reports. They measure the following and more.

● A full property diagram

● Property boundary dimensions

● Details and names of nearby roads

● Dimensions of all physical structures on the property

● Easements for utilities

● Any encroachment onto or off of the property

Naturally, all construction teams rely on details from real property reports to make a construction plan and begin the project. In fact, real property reports act as the first step to any construction journey, be it for a private residence, a condo, or a subdivision.

2. The Law Demands It.
Firstly, a real property report is a must for anyone planning to sell their property or piece of land. Because when you sell a property, you are responsible for any problems found during the sale.

For example, if a part of the construction on your property is encroaching on your neighbor’s boundaries, you will be required to break down the structure and amend it. Or, if there are issues in the soil, you may not be permitted to construct a building on that parcel of land.

Thus, once the land surveyor makes a detailed property report, it is submitted to the municipality. They ensure that the property abides by the local bylaws and will not cause any trouble in the future.

Hence, if you plan to sell a property, try ordering real property reports as early as possible. You can sell the property only after you resolve all issues in the RPR.

3. It Helps You Protect Your Investments.
How do you ensure that the land you’re buying is the size the seller claims? If there are encroachments, which could become your headache in the future? This is vital information that you must have before signing a sales agreement. Again, having real property reports can help you convince the party you are dealing with for security reasons.

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