About Project X Golf Shafts

Don’t be fooled by the fanfare. There is much more to Project X golf shafts than the Project X HZRDUS shafts that steal most of the headlines.

Let’s take a look at this unique series of golf shafts and see what they have to offer.

Project X HZRDUS Golf Shafts
Far and away, the most highly regarded (and in demand) Project X golf shafts hail from the HZRDUS line. These golf shafts, which are designed for woods and drivers, are built with strong players with fast, aggressive swing speeds in mind.

To be fair, there is actually a marvelous amount of variety in Project X HZRDUS golf shafts. No two entries in the line are quite alike.

For instance, Project X Red CB Gen 4 HZARDUS shafts are weighted more heavily higher up on the shaft, which enables golfers to play with heavier clubheads without sacrificing the balance of the shaft.

Conversely, there are the Smoke Black RDX shafts, which are made with 100% aerospace-grade materials, with ultra-stiff midsections and stiff tips that offer low launch and spin profiles to take advantage of fast, strong swing speeds and tempos.

Between these two, there is a wide range of HZRDUS and HZRDUS Smoke shafts that are well-suited to a wide range of player needs.

EvenFlow Shafts
EvenFlow shafts, also geared towards woods and drivers, deliver an even, consistent bend profile that delivers maximum energy transfer and unparalleled feedback and sensitivity. These Project X shafts are consistent, fluid, and perfect for players with smooth swings and even tempos.

EvenFlow shafts like the Blue deliver mid-spin and launch profiles with consistent bend profiles that load and transfer energy smoothly for excellent energy transfer and sensitivity.

Others in the EvenFlow line feature Torsional Stability Optimization and stiffer lower thirds that cut back on torque and help keep a lid on spin – controlling accuracy and shot dispersion.

Cypher Shafts
True Temper’s Project X Cypher line is unique in that there are shafts in this series that are suitable for both irons and woods.

Cypher shafts are ultralight, low-resin shafts with a thin, light graphite weave and a consistent bend profile that actually promotes high-launch trajectories and high spin to maximize distance with both irons and woods.

These shafts are best suited to players with deliberate swing tempos – those that may have fast swing speeds, but who have slower backswings and smoother transitions. They’re not simply for players who swing fast. They’re the preferred choice for players that know how to swing fast.

Catalyst Shafts (Project X Iron Shafts)
The Catalyst line is Project X’s answer to the need for dedicated iron shafts. These are designed with players that have moderate swing tempos in mind and deliver medium launch and spin profiles.

The cornerstone of Catalyst golf shafts is their use of Iso-6 material technology that is designed to replicate the performance of steel alloys more than 100% better than traditional graphite composites.

The result is a line of graphite shafts that are extremely stiff, stable, and consistent, with reinforced tips that deliver superior torsional stability to even the stiffest traditional graphite composites, mimicking the performance of steel.

In a word, these features, which lend stiffness, strength, and stability to Catalyst shafts, make them ideal for irons.

Where Can You Find Some of These Project X Golf Shafts?
Looking for Project X golf shafts that will pair better with your clubs? Check out Dallas Golf Company online at DallasGolf.com or visit them in their shop in Dallas, Texas.

Online shoppers can use their shaft fitting tool to get an impression of what would work best, but in-person visitors are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Dallas Golf’s club fitters to get truly custom recommendations.

Get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 for more information.

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